Thursday, March 3, 2011

Things I Love Thursday # 3

Its seems to be everywhere!
And yeah... maybe I am a little behind on
getting excited by this trend.
Well I dont care!

It still rocks.. and I am soooo
loving it!

Ok remember when two "Thursday Things I Love" post's ago
when I bought that adorable ring from LMM
And I was dreaming about getting the Moustache necklace?
(Yes, I know LMM on ANOTHER "things I love" post! I'll admit, Ive got a bloggy crush! HA!)

Well yeah.. I got it!
And of course I love it! :)
Its definitely a great conversation piece! I get asked about it a lot!
People wanna know whats the deal with it?
Im like My moustache?
Because Im just cool like that!
 Some girls may get offended when they hear "Nice 'stach"
I just smile and say thanks!

 Who, knew a mustache on a girl could be so hot? 
Get your own cool stach necklace here at the Little Miss Momma Shop!

Since I have gotten my necklace, and become overly
infatuated with the 'stache symbol, its like Im seeing it more
and more, everywhere I turn!
here are some AMAZING finds that I have come across

This stinkin adorable and not to mention CLEVER 
t-shirt made by GoogieMomma!
Do you get it? Mustache (Must Dash!) bahaha
I about died with laughter. I LOVE this shirt!
I want one, I must make one!
Check out the tutorial on how she made it {here}.

Why is this so cute to me?
I dont know why, but Im just going to embrace it!
I could definitely use this, maybe hang my mustache necklace
on this mustache necklace holder! :-)

Mustache fun for the kids?
I think YES!
With these great Mustache Crayons!

Think mustache's are a little fruity?
Well here is something perfect for you! 
Maybe they are a bit over the top..
but they made me laugh.
If I got this as a greetin card I would feel
oh so loved and it would put a smile on my face for a week! 

For some reason this next one reminds me of
 Chuck Norris!
In case of emergency, Chuck Norris's mustache can be used as a flotation device. LOL

Oh goodness, I about died when I found this!
Every comfy chair needs a 'stach!
Give your chair a make over with this

I have {this} tutorial for these cool mustache cups
by Tatertots & Jello book marked!
Ive gotta make these.. how fun!

If you havent had your fill of all things mustache just yet,
then youre in luck.. you can check out my latest treasury!
For the Love of the 'Stache!

So.. now that you have seen this weeks "things I love",
what is your take on the whole 'stache phenomena?
Like, love it, hate it?

Oh and BTW...
I created a new button! :)

If you have been featured, feel free to grab one!


  1. This is adorable! I love the necklace and all of the moustache designs! THank you for including my print!
    Britt (Gus + Lula)

  2. This post makes me happy! I can't get over how breathtaking you are! And that stash suits you girl--keep on rockin it!

  3. I am jealous of your stache. I think the cat eyes are my new favorite in the LMM shop though. Don't we all just have a bloggy crush on LMM? Anyone who doesn't is CRAZY!

  4. I want one sooooooooo baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!!!

    I was watching Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night and he was interviewing Miley Cyrus and she had a pretty sparkly one!! And the whole time they were talking they were trying on different mustaches!!! I'm thinking about maybe crocheting one if I can figure it out haha! I love them!

  5. LOVE how cute it looks on you! Adorable :)

  6. i love that necklace too!! i've been wanting one FOR.EH.VER!!!
    okay, and the "with great {mustache} comes great responsibility" sign?!?! i think my dad must have it. he's been sportin' a 'stache for almost 30 years...i thought of him as soon as i saw it!
    great roundup!
    (and i'm not just sayin' that cause you put me in it hehehe, but yes, that really is the best part)
    oh, and p.s.--can we just talk for a sec about how PRETTY you are?? those lashes?? those lips??you look like a disney princess!! hahaha!

  7. I really want that one too!!! lol


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