Friday, March 18, 2011

When I said "I Am A Singer" {Flash Back Friday}

So, I was reminded a couple weeks ago about my youtube account
when one of my sisters told me she was watching one of my videos. :)
I had totally forgot about my youtube account.
It has been years since I did videos and such.
So recently I have been exploring my youtube and watching old videos.
Its kind of funny and somewhat embarrassing!
Just because Im such a dork.
And because I look back on my singing, and want to laugh!
Its funny to hear my voice, I feel, now, that most of
my singing videos are terrible! HAHA
I know I have improved so much since then!
Im also kind of an awkward talker.. ugh...
But thats normal and hasnt changed. :)
Not to mention my funny BABY TEETH, ew.. that makes it
look like im missing teeth on one side of my mouth! :)
Which is why (if you ever noticed) I try to mainly
take pictures from a certain angle and side of my face.

Aw well... anyways.. just for the fun of it,
I thought I would do a little "Flash Back" (about 3 years)
and share with you one of my OLD youtube videos.
So if you have ever wondered what I look like
(other than in pictures)
and what I sound like...well here you go.
A video of me talking and singing!


  1. I love that nothing can ever be done without screaming kids. LOL! I know that all too well.

  2. You sound good!!!!!!

  3. I love that song! So reminiscent of my childhood, and Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. You sound great! It is always such a brave thing to sing in public, and you sound good so you should do it.


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