Sunday, April 10, 2011

$50 Value: Custom Digital Portrait GIVEAWAY & Discount!

 Boy oh boy, do I have a special treat for everyone today! :)

My EXTREMELY talented bloggy BFF 
and New-ish sponsor, Jacy, of This Way Up (Art By Jacy),
and I had been talking about doing a special giveaway
for all you amazing Agape Love readers!
And she has graciously agreed to giveaway a 
This is a $50 Value! 
Not only that but she also has a special
discount code just for Agape Love Readers!! :)
Just enter code AGAPELOVE10 at check out
for 10% off, sale ends the 16th

 Check out some of the custom digital portraits
she has done so far:

These are so amazing! When I first saw this listed in her shop
I totally LOVED them! They are just the coolest thing!
I want to eventually get one of each of the kids as well 
as me and the hubs. I am just so beyond impressed,
with her talent, and how she is using the gifts God has blessed
her with to glorify Him!

Even more impressive is the story of how it all happened!
I asked Jacy to share her story. The story she told me when 
she decided to email me about sponsoring Agape Love.
I am so touched and INSPIRED by her story, and how she 
aloud God to turn her life around, use her for His will,
and in the end lead her to do what she loves for a living!
Please take a minute to get to know Jacy, read her story below, 
and then check out how YOU can enter to 
win a custom digital portrait from her!
 Here is Jacy:
"As I sit here thinking about what to write for this entry, I realized the date.
It has been three full months since I made the decision to let God take care of my job situation.
I was working a full time job at a credit union and my creativity was running dry. I mean desert dry!
My mind was numb from pushing aside what I really wanted to do in my heart. I felt the need to pray
everyday before I went into work, and throughout the day...God I needed to have a creative job! I know that there is more to life than just what I have. I am grateful for what you have given me, but I know that there is a greater purpose for me!

Sound familiar?

Cut to December 2nd 2010, the day I got laid off. If you are like me, human, I was like "Lord that is not what I had in mind!" However I realized that it was what God had in mind and it didn't take long before I was cleaning out my dusty studio, and pulling out my paints again! I knew God had heard my prayer and was orchestrating a great job for me. In the last three months, I have been blessed by growing my online shop and blog, and really allowing God to dictate my business plan.

At 26 years old and still very much a kid, it took me a while to realize that this was in His plan all along. I had allowed the fear of failure to trap me for years. The constant weekly paycheck made me stay at a job that I knew I wasn't made for. It was at this moment, when the distractions were gone, that I felt God telling me to "Be still and know I am God. I am in control, just trust me."

I am truly blessed to be sponsoring this giveaway to all the wonderful Agape Love bloggers! God is working on me everyday, in mind, body and spirit. I have the privilege to do what I love, a dream I've had since the 3rd grade. All of my life I was surrounded by creative individuals, and knew I was destined for success in the arts. As most adults, we tend to lose sight of what is important in life and forget that God cares about the treasures of our hearts.

Take this moment right now to ask the Lord to show you the doors and the path where you need to be. Not only spiritually, but professionally. Jesus cares about your job and what you do with the gifts that He has given you.

James 1:17 says:
"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness,
neither shadow of turning."

Fear is not of God. It is a chance for you to reach out even more to a Creator who can make miracles and do the impossible...
remember, with God, nothing is impossible!"

 AMEN to that! Thank you so much Jacy for your wonderful
inspirational story and words! You dont know how much you
inspire me! I am thrilled to be sharing you & your work on my blog!

Now are all you readers on the edge of your seats waiting
to find out how you can win your own art by Jacy?

Well here is how YOU can enter:


1.) You must be a public follower of Agape Love Designs
Leave me a comment letting me know you are.
2.) Become a public Follower of This Way Up!
Leave a comment letting me know you are.
3.) Head on over to the Art by Jacy Shop and tell me your 
favorite item in her shop!

4.) Tell me what your Favorite item is in my shop
5.) Heart Art by Jacy on Etsy
Let me know your user name
6.) Fan Art by Jacy on Facebook
let me know your user name
7.) Subscribe to Art By Jacy on Youtube!!
Let me know your account name
8.) Fan Agape Love Designs on FB
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9.) Heart the Agape Love Boutique
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10.) Blog, FB or Twitter about this giveaway!
Leave a separate entry for each that you do, and 
be sure to leave a link!
11.) Buy anything from her shop (dont forget the coupon code too)!
This will be good for 4 extra entries!
(Leave separate comments for each!)

Well there you have it! Over 10 ways to win!! :)
Good luck!

Giveaway ends Sunday the 17th, 
Winner will be announced MONDAY the 18th!


  1. I am following your blog now.


  2. Being an ACEO collector, I love this.


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    (I'm a former winner too!! Love this blog!)

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  5. I looove this in her shop: 8x10 Matte Print, Ladylike Simplicity Collection: Brunette Lace, Art by Jacy


  6. The Easter Bunny Ribbon Sculpture Set (Mr. & Mrs. Easter Bunny) is my favorite item in your shop, why? Because I won them, and they're SO cute! :)


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  13. You know I also follow Jacy. She designed my banner and I just love it!

  14. Besides an awesome $5 banner, I love the brunette lace. I need that for studio.

  15. I love your peacock necklace. One of these days I'm going to get it to match Magnolia!

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  18. LOVE the bloom print @ Art by Jacy!

  19. The Send My Love necklace in your shop is my fave! Everything is lovely though! :)

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  25. this is what i like - Pink Satin Rosette Hair clip - adorable

  26. I love the BREATH art prints in her shop. Oh and also the I AM AWESOME prints from her other shop, those are so me,,,,, lol. Well anyway that's how people tease me all the time, that I think of myself like that.

    Bella :)**AMAZE ME AUGUST** @ Bella Before and After

  27. I heart Art by Jacys etsy shop, for real, she is MADLY talented, and I love it.

    Bella :)**AMAZE ME AUGUST** @ Bella Before and After

  28. My favorite from Agape is your new spring fling bib necklace, the colors are so pretty, and I love the little beads on the end.

    Bella :)**AMAZE ME AUGUST** @ Bella Before and After


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