Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Craft Room/ Photo Studio Remodel (Part 1) And Eye-Spy Game

Last month I mentioned on my FB page that my craft room was a 
disaster and that I was finally cleaning it up and somewhat remodeling
it, and fixing it up as part photo studio as well. 
Well I have finally gotten around to uploading the pictures to share with you!
It took me two days to complete, 
so I'll be showing you the photos in 2 posts.

Here is how my craft room looked on day one:

A completely cluttered disaster!
From the door looking to the left you see my desk,
full of supplies, boxes and bags of unorganized supplies!

I thought it would be fun to play some eye spy to find a few 
random things in all that mess! haha You will see that a few pics down.

(You will have to click the pictures to get a better view and see them all full size!)

Looking straight in from the door.

Looking straight on at my desk!
Its a bit overwhelming

 So lets have fun, break it down with a little eye spy!
Right click the picture below and open it in a new tab!
Then try to spy these items:
1.) Sponge Bob Ribbon
2.) Chalkboard Spray Paint
3.) A Christmas Project from Last Year
4.) A Hula Girl, in a grass skirt
5.) Garfield
6.) A Zebra Head
7.) Mod Podge

Alrighty... if you give up.. or wanna test your finds,
see the photo with items pointed out (here)

Wanna play again? Alrighty...
Click the picture below into a new tab again.
Look for:
1.) A Bubble Machine
2.) An Over-sized Business card
3.) A Gucci Bag
4.) A Scentsy box
5.) Scrabble Game Box
6.) Yellow Ribbon

Did you find them all?? Check your answers (here)

Alright, Alright.. now that we have had our fun.. lets move on!
Here are some some of the new items I got to help get me organized:
Ribbon Organizer (From Michaels)
Martha Stewart Living Cube Organizer & Baskets (The Home Depot)
Normally I always have the hubs put these kinda things together for me...
Im not sure why... I guess I just figured I'd mess it up somehow!
But I decided to go ahead and take them on myself.

I not only shocked myself, but the Hubs too! haha
I had to call him in to check them out. :)
They were pretty simple, but still an accomplishment!

I moved the cube organizer under the right side of my long work desk.

 Next was to cut and move the carpet around!
Dont worry this was just extra scrap carpet anyways from 
when we got new carpet put into out house... I guess I should
mention that my craft room is in an "office" room thats in our
detached garage/shop. I guess the previous owners of the house
used it as a welding/car shop... the garage is HUGE, its like another
house.. about 1400 sq feet. Anyways.. so I had to convince the hubs
the please let me have the office room in there for my own special space!
He FINALLY agreed and even helped me paint it. Then put in
the left over scrap carpet for me...
ANYWAYS... so I cut and moved part of the carpet, then rolled up
the rest, while leaving some bare concrete floor:

The view looking straight in from the door.

Remember how I said I wanted to make this craft room,
my photo studio as well?
Well I got this faux wood floor vinyl to put over the bare floor, 
to make for a lovely photo space!

Here it is up close, with out the wrapper.
I got this vinyl for $24 at The Home Depot.

Check it out now! :)

Looks pretty real in pictures! And It also looks more
cozy and inviting in person!:) I LOVE it!

What do you think? 
You can see the first photo shoot I did after this remodel was done {here}

And this is the basic wrap up of day one!
It doesnt seem like much, but the cube organizer actually took
a while for me to put together! So did cutting and replacing the 
carpet. It doesnt look like I touched the clutter on the desk,
But I had actually started organizing it, and mostly got rid of trash.
I organized my photography props and filled the cube baskets with
props and such.

I took down one stack of those plastic boxes you see.
And re-organized everything in them.
I moved my painting and wood supplies in the red
plastic drawers you see under the desk to the left. 
I also have some plans to make over that plastic red drawer organizer.
I will post about that in another post another time though.

So this is where I left off day one. :)
Not a ton done, but a good start! 
Stay tuned for part 2 of my craft room/photo studio remodel, next week!!
But let me know what you think so far?!


  1. Haha! If I didn't know any better I would tell you it seems as if a man is breaking into your craft room! I kid, I kid... I bet a thief would take one look around and think too much work! Jump right out and move along to the next house!

  2. Looks great so far. I love the photo studio, and the floor does make all the difference. I actually put all the furniture together in our house. The only things my husband has put together are the baby crib and dresser because I was too prego to do so.

  3. Oh that flooring is amazing I love it :0) incidentally, I have that same little wooden suitcase you have by the white chair :)

  4. Love the floor idea!! You are so creative :)


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