Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm Stylish... I Got An Award!

The rules for accepting this award are:
1.) Give thanks to the person who gave you the award, and link back to them
2.) Mention 7 facts about yourself
3.) Pass it on

So here goes... I was awarded this by Jacy of This Way Up!! She is actually one of my fantastic, amazingly talented sponsors! SO please go check her out, God has blessed her with amazing artistic talent! You will be so blessed by her, I promise! :)

7 Facts about me:

1.) I used to have a thing for Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z
2.) I meet the hubs in High School, we dated for a whole week, before deciding being friends was best for us at the time. We got married 2 years after we graduated High School, only a few weeks after he had gotten home from his Year long deployment to Iraq.
3.) I am afraid of Heights
4.) I am afraid of snakes
5.) I dont drink soda, the bubbles hurt my throat
6.) My shoe size is a 9
7.) I love strawberries!

I know pretty random... but I just wrote the first 7 things I could think of! HAHA

And I know Im supposed to pass it on... BUT I think everyone I know has already gotten this award!
SO if the people I pass the award onto already have it.. no worries.. just be glad people think you are stylish enough to get so many awards! LOL

1.) Bella Before and After
2.) Vintage Wanna Bee
3.) Ask Anna

1 comment:

  1. Hey mama, you didn't tell me you awarded me with this!!! You silly, at least I don't think you told me, he he.

    You are so cute, and man, you'd be terrified living over here, my little one, has a TON of snakes, and leaves them around all over, and LOVES sleeping with them, which means I need to sleep with them too, lol.

    Thanks soooo much for passing this award on to me Maria, I will have to do a post thanking you as soon as I get a chance.


    Bella :)


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