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Meet the La La La LADIES of To Sew With Love

 Morning Everyone, today we have
some guests! Id like you to hand you
over to the Lovely Ladies of 
Be sure to leave some comment love, 
and head on over and visit them on their blog
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How are you doing today, lovely blogging friends? We are the TSWL "L"adies (Lelanie, Larrnie and Lhorie) behind
To Sew With Love

I am so sorry to tell you that you won't have your dose of Maria Isabel for today (lol ^^) as we are swapping blogs today ^^) I hope you don't mind ^^)

TSWL started as a Facebook group, which I created with my younger sister Laarnie, and just 4.5 months ago, we have decided to take the path of blogging. We were a bit hesitant at first but we warmed up right away, at the same time, overwhelmed by the number of so many warm, lovely and crafty bloggers out there.

Three monts later, we created the blog. My sister Laarnie and my highschool friend Lhorie contributes to the blog.  I am a SAHM of two kids (6 &2.5) who are my heartbeats while my sister is also a SAHM to her Little Princess (almost 2 yrs. old). Lhorie, on the other hand, is single (and available ^^) and has a cute dog named Kiray. I am in Spain, my sister is in Japan while Lhorie is in China but the distance isn’t a hindrance for us. That’s what makes the blogosphere seem so big yet so small ^^)

In our blog, you would be seeing a lot of kid-related repurposing, refashioning and upcycling projects in our blog. We just hate throwing things away. We repurpose those old pairs of pants:

Indoor Shoes from repurposed Clothes

those ill-fitting clothes of ours:
Refashioned Ill-fitting Clothes

the ill-fitting clothes of our husbands.
PJ's for my Li'l Guy from his Papi's Shirt

or grandma's curtains ^^):

We also love creating things from scratch, like pretty pillows-sleeping buddies for the kids:
Sleeping buddies for the kids

Have you seen a southern belle prettier than her?

Lhorie's Southern Belle

We love jazzing up a bit some things:
Spruce Up a Plain Looking Buggy 

We create with our kids.
Owl Pillows

We also have some tutorials.

We host giveaways sponsored by our lovely sponsors, a Crafty Saturday Link-up Party,

a getting to know you link-up party,

a pounce post where we feature Etsy sellers we found thru pounce,

a Walking around Etsy post where we do an imaginary walk around an imaginary market in a quaint village called Etsy,

And a We Love handmade Feature Post.

We have also recently started this Facebook page to support and promote everything handmade:

I own an Etsy shop called Arcoíris, which in Spanish means “rainbow”. I love working with colourful fabrics and making something one of a kind out of it. I especially love creating gift sets.

IWe also have opened very recently TSWL The Shop where we sell some amazing findings, handmade accesories and personalized items, too.

Muchas gracias, Emily, for having us today here in your lovely blog. We are really honoured to be doing this blog swap with you. I hope your lovely readers could pop over our blog and warm it up a little with their sweet Hi’s.


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  1. Wowsers!!! It looks like there are many lovely things going on over there.


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