Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Notice Anything New??

Check this out... I have my own Favicon now!! :)
Isnt it sooo cool!
Im totally excited to have one! :) I just makes my page so much
more personal! What do you think???
Well if you want to know how YOU can put your own
custom fav icon up there? Its super easy!
Just head on over to Making Life a Bliss
Where Kristie shows you how!
It seems to be a new blog!
But a good one, So check it out!

Kristie feel free to grab a featured/Loved Button!
And thanks so much for the quick tutorial
this totally rocks!!!!!!:)



  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!! That is Super Duper Awesome!!!!!!

  2. I've always wondered how to do that. Thanks!

  3. You know what's weird? It doesn't appear in IE but it does in Firefox.

  4. Too awesome! I always wondered how to do this, but I didn't even know what it was called to find a way to do it! Thank you so much for posting this! :D

  5. Thanks for featuring my tip! I loved how your heart favicon turned out.

    And, Stephanie, it is IE is pretty tricky to work with, I haven't found that one out yet. I always suggest using firefox, or chrome. IE has issues in viewing code in other areas as well.

    making life a Bliss


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