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Product Review: Peekaboo Pattern Shop Patterns

Today I have a review for you from the Peekaboo Pattern Shop!
I am especially thrilled to share this review with you, because
I am going to be sharing with you a new chapter in my crafting life!

I'm not sure if I have ever mentioned this before but
I do not know how to sew! 
I can sew buy hand, and I believe I do a good job!
But I have.. or at least HAD never used a sewing machine
before in my life, until this month!
But it has been on my crafting "to do" list for some time
now for me to learn how to sew!
I had actually been talking to my mom about coming
over and helping to teach me how to sew the week 
before I was asked to do this review!
So when Amy, of Nap Time Crafters
(and the lovely woman behind Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop)
contacted me about doing a review for her, I jumped at the chance!
I knew it was meant to be!

Here is what I made

She let me pick 3 patterns from her shop.
I picked:
the Newsie Cap pattern (pictured above)
The Slip on Skater Shoes Pattern (Pictured Above)
And the
3 Button Boots pattern (Havent made this one yet)

Please be sure to check out those patterns and the whole shop! 
There are some completely adorable patterns in there!

Alrighty so as I said, I am a sewing newbie!
And I was going to enlist my Mom into being my teacher.
Unfortunately she got sick, and I was impatient! 
So I called up a good friend who has been sewing for about
a year now and loves it. I told her about the review I was doing
and asked if she wouldn't mind helping me out.
She was amazing and totally came to my rescue! 

I printed out my patterns. I LOVE that they come in PDF file!
I have seen patterns you buy from the store,
and that flimsy paper freaks me out! With the PDF file I 
can print it out on sturdier paper, which was wonderful for
re-using the pattern. Plus if I need to I can just print the
pattern out again and again!

Each pattern comes with instructions and a PICTURE tutorial!
Which is awesome because I am VERY visual! 
If it werent for the pictures, for me to check and compare my 
work to,  I may have been lost! Not that the instructions weren't
understandable, but because my brain works very visually,
and if there is anything with instructions ONLY I will have to
read them about 10 times to be sure I'm doing it right!
And even then I am second guessing myself! HA.. anyone else like that?

Well as I said before I had my lovely Friend help me at first.
She explained things to me that as a sewing newbie I didn't know.
Like RST means Right Sides Together (which is actually also
explained in the instructions), and she told me what top stitch meant
because I didn't know! haha
We both read the instructions together, and then I cut out the patterns.
I pinned the pieces together and she sewed them together.
So she could show me how to load the thread and bobbin, and use the machine.
Our first project was the Newsie Cap, made for my daughter Kiah.

I was AMAZED that we made this hat! It turned out SOOO cute!
I decided to create a bow and flower to pin to the hat, to add 
a fun touch of my own. They can be switched out or not be
worn on the hat at all.
 Here is the hat with the flower on it.

Since the hat turned out so well, I knew I wanted to make
2 more! So that each of my kids could have one. 
So we made another one for my youngest, Zander.
The pattern was so easy that the second time around we hardly
had to to look at the instructions.
The only thing we decided to do a little different was
trim the cap body down. With Kiahs it was very poufy,
which is very cute, but since we were making
the next hat for my son, I wanted it a little less poufy.
This time I did some of the sewing, but only on the inside liner
because I was worried about how my stitch line would look!
But it turned out great! 
Here is Zander in his Newsie Cap!

After that my friend left, and let me keep her machine at my
house for a while to practice on and attempt to create on my own!
I knew I wanted to make another hat for Bruce Jr. But I decided
I better practice on something with a little less work first.
So I cut out the pattern for the Slip On Skater shoes!

The instructions were super easy to follow and I was confident
even though I was completely on my own!

Now I am going to show you just how NEW I am to sewing..
so PLEASE dont laugh! Or go ahead and laugh... cause I am 
laughing just LOOKING at these pics again!

Check out my stitch lines for the first shoe I did!

Oye... its so bad! :) But I was so proud of myself!
The shoe was looking right and I was making a SHOE!
haha.. even if the stitching was UGLY! :)

The pair completed was sooo adorable!
Though OBVIOUSLY I needed more practice.
On the plus side, I feel this speaks volumes for
the review of these patterns, itself! I mean if I, a complete
sewing newbie, could make those! Then anyone can make them!
Especially one who has been doing this for a while will definitely love
the patterns and find them super easy to use.

So I HAD to try AGAIN!
This time I did MUCH better.

I made a pair in blue and then pink.  And I plan on attempting
them one more time. Both of my younger sisters are prego
right now, and I want to make a pair for their little ones
as soon as we get to find out what the sex is!
I know these will make perfect little baby shoes, since with the
elastic they had a good stretch on them to fit newborn and older
baby feet-skies! (<--- sorry thats just my baby talk for feet)

My sewing was sooo much better this time!  
SO I got the confidence to go forth with the 3rd newsie cap....

Here is Bruce Jr. modeling his newsie cap, that I made
completely on my own! Isnt it great!

I am so proud of myself! I can finally sew! 
Im so excited, Im looking into buying my own sewing machine now!
Im hooked!
Can you tell which one I made and which one my friend
helped me with?
The one of the left is Zander's and the one on the right is Bruce's. :)

Arent they adorable!?  
They Love wearing their special mommy made hats!! :)

Here are a few extras to know:

~All of the patterns are commercial use ok!
So if you buy the pattern you can also SELL the items
you make with them in your etsy shop!
You may NOT sell the pattern or tutorial though, of course!
This is awesome, because I have already gotten
SEVERAL compliments on the newsie hats, and request
to make more for them to buy!
Those are very popular hats right now!!
~Each pattern comes in various sizes!
I loved this because this means to dont have to buy
several patterns just to get different sizes!
And you can (as I did) make something for each
of your kiddos... no matter the age!
~Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop is having a spring sale!
 All patterns BUY 2 GET 1 FREE!! 
That is an awesome deal! Even though I got my patterns
for free to review, the pattern prices are very reasonable!
And with a deal like buy 2 get 1, its even better!
~If you liked this review, it gets better, Amy is also sponsoring a giveaway!
And she has said that we can pick THREE winner! :) 
Look forward to this coming VERY soon!

Until then, head on over to the Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop 
and check out your fav items!
Or check out Amy's blog Nap Time Crafters! :)

Have a wonderful day, and thanks for reading about
this new chapter in my Crafting life!! :)
I'd love to hear how YOU started sewing, tell me about it
in a comment!
Or if you are a sewing newbie, like I was, I hope 
that I have inspired you to go for it!! And if you buy anything
from the Peek-a-Boo Pattern shop I would LOVE to see how
they turn out! So feel free to share with me and Amy!!


Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your thoughts with me!

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