Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday Show Offs # 6 (Monkey And Chick Digital Designs)

I have been in the mood lately to be creating more digital designs.
I made a few animal tubes. And I may or may not be adding them to
my shop for people to buy and use for their digital projects, scrap kits,
cards and what not, Im still debating on that. :)
Anyways... My sister Alea is pregnant with her first baby!
We are all so excited! :) I know I was probably going to be
making her baby shower invites. And since her baby's nursery theme
is going to be Monkeys (whether she has a boy or girl)
I decided to try to create my own little digital monkeys
to be able to use for her invites and what not.
Here is what I came up with:
This adorable little Monkey was inspired by the 
Monkey Hairbow Holder I painted a while back.

The first one is a little more feminine and cutesy,  with more details.
It will be perfect to use for girly invites.
This next one is just more basic and simple.
More boyish. I may add a little more detail though,
Im not sure how much I like it so simple...
Maybe he needs a body? Or a bow tie? LOL

And while I was in the mood, I whipped up a few
adorable little chickadees for a Spring/Easter theme.
I think I even have a few ideas for Printables to create
using these little guys. :)

Now in the shop, Easter Chickadees

I had to add some bunny ears! :)

They just make me smile! And Im so happy to be designing more
digitally again... its been a while, since Ive gone full out like this.
Im pretty happy and proud of how they turned out! :)

Im still in the mood to create a few more cutesy animals...
Maybe I will have to do an Easter bunny too.. who knows.
What do you think?

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