Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Show Offs # 8 {Mother's Day Sister Painting}

Mothers Day is coming up next month, and Ive got a few things
in mind as for gifts for my mom. So far they are just ideas and designs
in my head... we will see how they pan out. Of course
I will most likely take pictures along the way and share them
with all my lovely readers. :)
But until then I thought I would share the gift
I gave my mom 3 years ago!

This was around the time, I got back into painting.
I MISS painting! And am wanting to try to make more
time to do it.
For Mother's Day 2008, I painted this 
Sister sequence portrait for my Mom. :)

The top Left is My older Sister Mona, then Me
Bottom Left is my younger sister Alea, and the baby sis is Sammy.

I based this painting off of These Photos below!





And  a little more up close detail:




Back then I only had a point and shoot camera.. so the pics
arent that great. But I sort of took some pictures of the process.
If you click them.. you can view them slightly bigger.

Here is what I started out with...
I free hand sketched out our pictures.. just by looking at the 
original picture I printed out of my sisters and I.

And then slowly painted one sister at a time.

Drawing and painting myself was the hardest!
I felt like I couldnt get it right.. that it didnt really look like me!
haha But over all I stayed pretty close to the picture of me.

Even though its not the best, I am pretty proud of how
it turned out! :) And my Mom LOVED it!
She was shocked when she saw it. :) 

It makes me smile when I see it.. I LOVE my sisters
so much! They are all my BEST friends!

Now looking back, Im inspired to really step up my crafty-ness
and get to work on another sweet gift for my Momma!

Have you thought about Mother's Day recently?
Have you planned anything special for your Mom?
 What gift ideas do you have in mind?

Also how are YOU planning to spend Mother's Day?
Do your kids or husband normally plan anything special
for you on this wonderful day?

Anything you are wanting or hoping for?

The hubs usually takes the kids out to pick me
out some special jewelry and we go out to lunch.
Its very sweet, I always love it.

Though I wouldnt mind a completely
free relaxing day... with no momma duties.
and maybe some spa time. :) *hehe*


  1. You are so talented! What don't you do!? :)


  2. I actually JUST had the idea of making my mom a mini-scrapbook. Since I live halfway across the country I can't actually be with her, but I think she'll really like this. Plus I already have all the supplies & book, so I'll just have to order a few pics & pay for shipping so it's also cheap :)

  3. You girl, when I saw this on facebook, I so thought it was digital art from Jayna, he he. WOW you did good girl. Portraits are pretty hard for me, and especially when I haven't really done it in years, I can't even imagine, lol. .

    I love the way it turned out. Totally cute.


    Bella :)


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