Friday, April 15, 2011

Take Advantage!

Have you ever thought about advertisement
and trying to get your shop or blog more attention?

Maybe you were too shy, or maybe you just dont know 
how to do that.

Well I would LOVE to help you with that!
And I want YOU to take advantage of my 

Right now you can SPONSOR Agape Love for FREE! 
Did you know that??

I have several ways listed on how you can get free
advertisement through being a sponsor of Agape Love
on my Sponsor Page, please check it out!

I honestly work my butt off advertising for my Sponsors,
and growing my blog and my own business as well.
The bigger I get (and Im growing every day) the better it will be for you.

And You can feel free to check out any of my
sponsors over there in the side bar------->
And ask them personally, if they believe I have helped
 get them more followers and good attention.
Im not trying to sound conceited here, but I am positive they would say yes!

Now, why am I bringing this up you may ask??
Well today when I checked out my blog this is what I saw:

Im up to 400 followers and Im pretty excited!

I have gained 100 followers in just 2 months...
yeah, to some thats no big deal and to others it is monumental!

For me, it is a big step.. considering when I started my blog
I was clueless and it took me about about 8 months to even get to 100
followers! Now that I have more experience and have figured things
out.. I have been doing so much better! 
I am proud of myself and my blog!
I have pride in my sponsors and the work I do for them!

And I want to work for YOU too!

So I wanted to let you know now to
of the great offers I have going on
because I have plans 
(well its been the plan all along.. 
but now that I am getting closer I figured I'd let you know)
that once I hit 500 followers my Sponsor options will be changing!

For those who have been "locked in" as a sponsor before then,
nothing will change until your sponsor time is up..
and for some thats about 6 or more months...
Thats a GREAT deal!

Here are some of the changes that will be made:
I'm going to start charging for ad space.. because lets face it
I am working hard and a little extra cash is deserved.


Ad time will be shortened for the free and semi free options.
It will go down to one month of advertisement, from 3 months.

So again... I tell you, take advantage now! :)

Check out my Sponsor Page, and email me today!

And thank you so much for your interest!
And a BIG thank you to all of my Followers old and NEW!


  1. Sent you an email about a giveaway :)

  2. So excited about your followers!!!! That is awesome.


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