Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday Things {I LOVE} #7...My Picaboo Photo Book!

So did anyone get in on that amazing deal Picaboo
for a Free 20-Page 8.5x11 Custom Cover Book??
It was for first time customer purchases only.
I had never even heard of Picaboo until I saw the post
about this coupon on How Does She.

I was so very excited, because I had actually be planning
on buying a photo book for my studio, for people to look
at and see some of my other work when they come for their 
photo shoot sessions. :) And to be able to get one for FREE
was something I was definitely excited for! Though for the 
gorgeous quality of this book, the original; price of $40
isnt bad at all! I will definitely be ordering another book

So anyways... here is the cover.
I designed it myself, I thought it was cool that
I could have a custom cover!

What I loved about going through Picaboo is that they
have a program you download so that you can completely
design the book exactly how you want!
You chose the backgrounds, you chose the picture layout,
you can change the picture sizes, have borders, no borders, words or
no words at all (I only did pictures... no words) you can
add accents and rearrange the pages at any time.
So it was pretty cool, I got to completely design the book
exactly how I wanted, preview it and then order it!

Here is the first page. (My book is 20 pages)
These pics are from the very first maternity photo shoot I did.
You can view more of these photos here: Jenn's Maternity Sneak Peek

One of my favorite photo sessions was with little Roxanne! :)
I gave her 4 pages in this book! 
You see more of Roxanne's sneak peek {here}.

The next couple pages are from a recent photo shoot I did.
You can view more of these pictures here: Perez Family Sneak Peek

Next two pages have some of my fav photos from the wedding
I did. Im glad it was a smaller wedding, I was so nervous!
Im not sure if I could ever be a big wedding photographer!
But this was fun still and Im glad I have a Wedding
to add to my "portfolio" :)
View more of these pictures here: Wedding Sneak Peek

Another one of my FAVORITE maternity shoots!
View more of these photos here: Kim's Maternity Sneak Peek

Next pages are of the Knudsen Family! A GORGEOUS family!
Their session is still one of my top favs. :) View more of their

And taking up the last 3 pages is my sweet little niece, Isabella!
Of course this will always be one of my fav photo sessions! :)

I posted this session very recently... but if you missed it you can
view Isabella's Sneak Peek {here}

This is the back cover, I, of course, had to add a few pics of myself!
I planned on writing a little something out me and Agape Love
photography under the pictures... but it slipped my mind, and I ended
up putting in the order before I remembered about it again! :-P
Oh well... Im still SUPER DUPER excited and happy with it.
It turned out so beautiful and bigger than I thought!

Even the hubs was excited for me.. usually he thinks my hobbies and 
the things I do are boring. But on rare occasions he admits how
proud of me he is... You know guys and their emotions.. they never like to reveal
they have one other than being manly and tough. HAHA
But he looked through the book and said he was proud of
me and even had to show it off to all his family. :)

This book is definitely filed under the Things I Love category!
I cant wait to order more and add to my collection!

So anyways... did any of you get in on this amazing deal?
How did your photo book turn out?
And what are the things you are loving this week??


  1. That is a great find! And for FREE! Something any photographer should have snagged.

  2. I was so sad. I needed to get out the disk from our Christmas shoot, but I kept putting it off. Then it was too late. Your book looks awesome. Hopefully I can catch the deal next time.


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