Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday Things {I LOVE} #8...Permanent Baggage Earrings

Have I ever told you about my love for purses/bags?
Ive recently been told by The Hubs that I am no longer aloud
to buy any more.. he claims I have too many!
I really dont! I have about 4 or 5 that I 
switch out every so often through out the year.
But I guess to a man.. that is a lot. :)
Well a few months back while searching etsy for
some cute hand made hand bags (Shhh.. we wont tell the hubs)
I happen upon, Permanent Baggage!
I instantly fell in love!

Have you heard of  Permanent Baggage?
If not, you need to check it out!
This etsy shop is wonderful, its full of the cutest
ECO-FRIENDLY bags, wallets and NOW earrings!

Check out the adorable earrings I received from Kamryn,
(Founder/owner/designer) of Permanent Baggage, from participating
in her Pay it Forward Challenge.

Are they not the cutest things ever!?
Purposely made to resemble little bags, going perfectly with
the theme of Permanent Baggage.

Here is what Kamryn has to say about the "Bouchie Bag Earrings"
Taken from the listing, description of one pair of her new earrings:

"I have a great fondness for materials, textures, colors, and process. Though I love creating my handbags and they hold the majority of my attention, I sometimes find myself feeling a bit restricted by them. This listing is of a new collection of earrings where I have quite simply taken some time to play and delight in the diversity of materials both new and old.

These Bouchie Bag earrings are small puffs of fabric coaxed into the shape of your favorite slouchie bag. Each bag is approximately 1" tall, wide, and high. They hang from a 2" long gun metal toned chain and land mid neck. They are soft and light weight. Ear wires are antiqued bronze over stainless steel. The perfect gift for your favorite purse collector. A definite conversation piece."

Check out the cute little box my earrings came in:

I loved them instantly!
I love how delicate and feminine they are!

I wore them to Church the next day that I got them, and they were
an instant hit. EVERYONE noticed them, and were very
interested in the fact that they looked like miniature purses/slouchy bag! :)

I get so many compliments on them, every time I wear them.
Its because they are so unique. I LOVE unique.
Ive never seen anything like these before, and that's a good thing.
Unique is good, unique gets you noticed.
Every time I look at them I smile.
Seriously, they are just too cute!

Here are a few of my favorites from 
Permanent Baggage:

Eco Chic Wristlet Grey and Fuchsia Puree

Eco Chic Wristlet Damsel

Eco Chic Wristlet-Jane Goodall

Are you not totally coveting these!?
Cause I know I AM!
When I know I can away with it from The Hubs
I am definitely going to be getting my hands on one
of those bags and another pair of earrings!! :)
How about you?
Be sure to check out Permanent Baggage on FB

What are you totally loving this week??

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  1. Really cute!!! I love the purple paisley ones that you featured too. What a fun pair of earrings. I too have too many bags, but whatever. There was I time that I could afford them, so why not? I think I have only purchased one since my first one was born.


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