Friday, April 8, 2011

What Im Currently Reading & Im Sponsoring a GIVEAWAY!

Please pardon my lack of presence lately!
Usually I have a line of posts prepared and 
ready to go in my drafts for the week ahead.
But I have been slightly preoccupied. 
I have started reading this book:

And, though I dont find myself reading as often
as I would like, when I DO start a good book
I have a hard time putting it down!
Just ask the hubs who couldnt stand the
fact that I would do nothing else but read in my spare
time, when I started the Twilight Series!

Anyways, I decided to read this book because
it was, for one, given to me by a good friend
who read it and suggested I read it.
And two because I already knew some of the story 
behind the book, so I was intrigued.

So far it is really good,
very touching, and of course emotional.
I love how Mary Beth writes, and tells her life
story... I feel like I can relate to her in many ways.

If youre interested or curious about it, here is the description:

Grief is a journey many of us take at one time or another. For the Chapman family their journey began with the accidental death of their 5 year old daughter, Maria Sue, whom they adopted from China. In Choosing to SEE, Mary Beth Chapman shares her struggles with the tragic loss of Maria Sue, her journey to heal, and the unexpected path God has placed her on. Even as difficult as life can be, Mary Beth and the Chapmans choose to see with faith and hope. Foreword by Steven Curtis Chapman.

 Alright.. so besides that
I wanted to let you know that I am sponsoring a giveaway over at RockNRegalia!!
Be sure to check it out, and enter to win the newest Printable in my shop!

Thanks so much for being patient with me!
Are you currently reading anything?
Have you read Choosing to See?
If you so, what are your thoughts/opinions?
Leave a comment letting me know...
and then head over to the GIVEAWAY!! :)

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  1. Hey girl, I haven't read the book, but I stumbled across her blog, or site a while ago, and spent like hours, reading all about the tragedy. It was so sad! I may go get this book and read it too, I'm sure it will be a good one.


    Bella :)


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