Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Adorable Baby Shower Gift; Cute As A Button Frame Tutorial

There are so many prego's right now!!
I know of four people, one of my cousins, two of my sisters 
and one of my friends are pregnant!
With so many pregnancies right now I figured I would
share this adorable little frame I made for my cousin.
I am gave it to her with a gift certificate for a free
newborn photo session from me! 

It was super easy to make, and lots of fun too.
Im definitely going to be making more for the
other prego's in my life! :)
You can totally get creative with these and customize
them for theme, girl or boy.. pretty much just let your
creativity run wild. :)

So here are the supplies I used:
~One sheet of Scrapbook paper
~Blank "ready to decorate" wooden frame. 
I bought mine at Michael's for only $1!
~Mod Podge
~Glue Gun  (Not Pictured)
~Paint Brush
~Decorative sticker
~And Decorative extras
I used ribbon and buttons

First thing to do is flip your frame over and trace it on the back 
of your scrapbook paper...

Then cut it out.

Paint a layer of Mod Podge on the front of the frame,
then lay your paper carefully over and smooth out as best you can.

Start arranging and adding your decorations.
I used these baby themed stickers:

After I picked a spot, I stuck them on and then applied
another layer of Mod Podge Over it all.

I used the hot glue gun to add some ribbon:

Be sure to leave extra ribbon on the outside to wrap around.
This will make it look more neat.

Here is the view from the back:

To go with the "Cute as a button" theme I grabbed a few buttons
I had on hand to add to the ribbon!
I thought it looked great, but still felt like something was missing.

So I added a little bow!
And now it was complete! :)

The frame came with a dowel to hold the frame up.
But I decided to also add a handle in case she wanted to 
hang it up. This way she can put it on the wall or dresser/desk...
where ever. :)
To do that all I did was glue ribbon to the back as so:

Easy peasy!

Now add a picture and all its a perfect gift!! 
I LOVE how it turned out!
What do you think?

Hope You enjoyed this little tutorial!
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  1. Oh thanks! I have some different events coming up. I can use it for those things as well!!!

  2. Found you on Tip Junkie. This is very cute and seems simple to do. I have two upcoming baby showers for family and I might steal this idea. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. that is simply awesome.....i will be doing this as well for myself and others i think. how creative.

  4. such a nice idea! love that you used the actual baby picture, makes it so personal :)

    Thanks for linking up to Your Whims Wednesday! Hope to see ya again this week :)

  5. That is so gorgeous, great idea.


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