Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Adorable Button Rings {Tutorial}

Basically ever since I did my Peek-A-Boo Pattern shop review,
I have been in LOVE with button kits!
I had to use them for the Newsie Caps I made, and I just
thought they were the coolest thing! Button kits allow you
to turn any fabric/material in an adorable button for whatever
project you need! I have been wanting to use them again but
for something else, not just sewing related.
Well since I have been really into jewelry making lately,
and mostly because my daughter, Kiah, has been bugging me
to make her some kind of pretty jewelry for her.. I decided to 
make some rings using some hand made buttons! :)
Its totally easy peasy and Im going to share with you the tutorial.

Here is what you will need:
(I didnt have flat backs on hand so I just cut off the loop with wire cutters)
Fabric of your choice
(Of course for Kiah I HAD to do Zebra Print for her!)
(or other sturdy adhesive)
Ring Base 
(You can find these at most craft stores!)

Cut your piece of fabric with plenty of extra room 
around your button cap.

Then place the fabric upside down on the silicone base of the 
button making tool.

1.) Place button cap upside down, over the fabric
2.) Push button cap down into silicone mold
3.) fold excess fabric into button cap
4.) Place button back over top
5.) Use other button making tool to push down until you hear a click
6.) Bend the silicone mold and push out finished button! :)

Now that the button is finished you can add a drop of glue
to the back of the button and then place the ring base over it. 
Let it dry upside down over night.

And there you have it, a custom made button ring!

Kiah was pretty excited that I made it special for her! :)
And she especially loved the zebra print!
Something else to add to her collection. :)
 Ohhh Sparkly...Yes...its true, Kiah is actually a "Twilight" Vampire!

 I couldnt help myself I had to make a few more button rings:
Im so loving the cherry ones!

The brown one is made out of this gorgeous faux leather material.

The possibilities are pretty much endless when it comes to making
your own buttons!  With all the pretty fabric out there you can 
make any custom ring you want... or even earrings! Ohhh

I think next Im going to have to make some fabric flowers
and use the buttons as the centers. That will be totally adorbs!

What do you think?
What would YOU make with these?

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  1. I made a mustard yellow one last week! I've been MIA (for a week) so I will be posting about it soon :D

  2. Ever since I learned how to make fabric covered buttons in a sewing class 8 years ago, I have been in love with them. They are so fun and easy. What a great idea to make them into rings.

  3. So cute--and doesn't look too tricky!

  4. SERIOUSLY!!! These are TOO CUTE!!! I love them! :)

    Ami with AliLilly

  5. those are adorable. I pinned you. Thank you so much for sharing I have to make some now. I am visiting from lil lunas linky party. Come and say hi. I am going to have a super fun giveaway next week com eand check it out :)

    A mommy's life...with a touch of yellow

  6. I have button earrings, but I LOVE the button ring. So cute ;)

  7. K, I LOVE these! I'm gonna have to make myself some I think.

  8. Love buttons and love rings. great idea!
    Would you consider linking up to my "20 minute tuesday" party at this address tomorrow? http://sweetfloweret.blogspot.com
    It's for projects that: take 20-30 mins and cost less than 10 bucks.
    Great place for people to come and check out quick and inexpensive ideas!
    Thanks for considering!
    PS: I'm giving away 20 more button pony tailers! Here's the info:

  9. Those are absolutely the cutest! I've got to try that. Thanks so much for sharing! :) PS: I love Twilight too! Team Edward...lol...

  10. soooooooooo adorable! I need some of those button thingys!!

  11. SOOO cute! I love it!!! I am obsessed with the cherry rings! I actually have some cherry fabric on black that I may have to use... :D


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