Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Feel The LOVE {Surprise 20% off my Boutique!}

Ive been totally slackin' on the blog lately and its been driving me nuts!
It seems ever since Easter I have not been able to catch up!
Im the type of person who usually has a whole week or more worth
of posts in my dashboard ready and scheduled to post! But for some reason,
I have just been behind! :( And with summer approaching, and the hubs 
wanting more help from me outside, and the kids getting restless..
Ive just had to put what I want to do aside, and be a good Mommy and 
Wifey... I know you all understand and have prolly been there before.
So long story, short... I wanted to say thanks to all my loyal readers
and all the newbies who have joined me here! You all rock!
With every sweet comment I get I just feel the LOVE! :)
I wanted to return the favor! Because I appreciate you all so 
much Im offering a 20% discount in The Boutique for the next
few days! (Coupon code is at the end of the post!)
Which is good for you all, because I have added LOTS
new-ness!  Here is a quick... or maybe not so quick look at a
few things Im my shop right now!

As you can tell, Ive REALLY been on a jewelry kick lately!
Im sooo loving coming up with new designs, and bringing them 
to life! This next item isnt in the shop yet, BUT I just had to share
a sneak peek of what you can expect to see in the boutique soon!
This necklace is called "Triple Threat" 
It features pearls, rhinestones and silver chain!

And here are a few things that have been in the shop for a while 
and need a good home!

There is sooo much more in The Boutique! So go check it out!
Enter the code LOVED at check out to get 20% off!

 Oh and PS... check out these little beauties!
They aren't in the shop... but its a sneak peek at
next tuesday's tutorial! :) So stay tuned!

Oh ANNNND a reminder... do you remember this:
Well Im having a giveaway, one lucky Momma will get a
custom made Birds Nest Necklace, from me!
Giveaway {here}
And if you want to try your hand at making one yourself,
Here is my {tutorial} in case you missed it! :)

Considering all this hand made goodness in this post,
Im going to be linking up this post to
Little Miss Momma's I-spy Party, this week is hand made! :)
Definitely CHECK IT OUT! :)

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  1. So I just thought I'd let you know that I'm already "hearting" your Triple Threat necklace...oh yes, I'm in LOVE! It's gorgeous!


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