Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Feeling Like Princess For The Day!

Wow... so Im totally feeling like today is MY day!
I woke up at 6AM to have some extra quiet time.. (since 
6:30 doesnt seem to be early enough) and found out that
Im all over several blogs today, and that totally was NOT planned!
But it makes me feel so special, and loved. :)
So I'd like to share a few links of where you can find me today.
Because there are SEVERAL awesome things to check out!
I mentioned that I was working on designing Bella's Blog
a few days ago.  Well Im finally done, and Bella decided to do 
something special as a thank you to me....
She has bought $100 worth of Agape Love Goodness and
is giving it away to 4 lucky winners!
2 people will win a mini blog makeover by yours truly!
And then someone will win This bib necklace made by me:

And yet another person will win this necklace made by me:

I already knew about the design package giveaway... but the necklaces
were a total surprise to me! When I woke up I saw them purchased 
from my shop and a note from Bella mentioning the giveaway!
She is so amazing to support my business like this, and be such
an encouragement to me to do more design!
If you are interested in winning a mini blog make over,
or any of these necklaces, then go {here} to Bella's blog
and check out how You can win big!

After that I happen to check out AliLilly's Blog because she
is celebrating 600 followers with a crazy huge week of giveaways!
And I mentioned before that I was sponsoring one of the giveaways..
And today is the day MY giveaway was up! So if you want to win
these two button rings Click {here} for that giveaway!

Speaking of those adorable button rings... Once I got onto
facebook, I saw that Vintage Wanna Bee had her Talent Tuesday
post up! And guess who was the first feature for her favies from
last week? Yup ME! For the Button Ring Tutorial I did!
Definitely check it out! So if you dont win, you can make some
for yourself! :)

And Speaking of features... I was also featured on another
bloggy bff's blog! Jacy of This Way Up, featured me
on her Shine On Tuesday Post! She is so sweet, and had such
nice things to say about me it made me blush and misty eyed too! :)

I seriously feel like a Princess today!
I am so very blessed to have so many sweet and amazing Bloggy friends!
You dont know how encouraged and happy you all made me today!
Thank you so much for making my morning and whole day! 
And also a BIG thank you too all my new & old followers!
You all rock! Thanks for being so awesome!
Well Im off to get ready for Mommy Group...
you all go and check out those links! :)
Have a Blessed Day!


  1. YAYYYY, You should feel special, and loved because you are Maria. I know a couple weeks ago it was just the opposite, but you know girl everyone has ups and downs, and I hope that you continue to feel as special and awesome as you do today.

    You do so much to bring joy and happiness to others, your time is bound to come girl. I just had to show you how much I appreciate all your hard work, so THANK YOU, and I'm sooo happy I brought a smile to your face.


    Bella :)

  2. Awe awesome!!! What a sweetheart that Bella. You are also a blessing to all of us, Maria :)

    Keep up the good work girly, may the Lord Jesus bless your heart today and keep you in His presence! <3

  3. Woohoo check you out!! Thats awesome :) Your friend bella is super sweet for doing that! Her site looks great!


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