Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hello Kitty Toe Nail Art Tutorial {Saturday Show Offs # 9}

Last night I did my sister's toe nails to look like the adorable
Hello Kitty! She really likes Hello Kitty, and so when this design
came to mind, I new if I did her nails she would be thrilled!
They aren't perfect, but adorable still! I took pictures along the way
so you all can see just how I did it. :)

I dont have any specific brands on nail polish I use accept that
I did use these:

Their brush's are long and thin, perfect for trying to create
small detailed designs.

The colors I used were:
Clear Base coat
Black Kiss brand
and the white Kiss Brand
Top coat

So after the base coat, I painted the big toe white, and the rest pink:

I used the white Kiss brand nail artist polish to add 
dots all over the pink nails.

Then using the Black Kiss Brand Nail Artist polish,
I painted an outline of a bow in the top left corner of the toenail.
Bow is just a circle, and two triangle shapes.

Then two ovals for the eyes, and an outlined oval for the nose.
And thats the basic outline for Hello Kitty.

Next use the red polish to gentle dab inside the black outlines, 
"coloring in" the bow. Then with the yellow, dab to color in the nose.
Add a few black lines for some whiskers...
And voila! You've got adorable Hello Kitty toenails!

Totally cute and fun. This would totally be cute to do your daughter's
sleep over or hello kitty theme bday party right? :)

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  1. SO CUUUUTE!! I love it.. Fun and playful ;))

  2. I'm visiting from TT&J!

    This is adorable, I have a sister who loves painting her nails with themes, and I'm really excited to share this with her!

    I'm jealous, any time I even try to paint my nails it looks like a three year old got ahold of me. But you rock!

    Thanks for posting the how-to!

  3. You are awesome! I showed my daughter and now she's bugging me to paint her nails.. Lovely.. :)

  4. That is so cute!! What a fun idea

  5. Hello Kitty is one of my favs! This is such a cute idea to spruce up boring toes :)

    Delighted Momma


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