Friday, May 6, 2011

I Need Your Help! Vote On A New Necklace Design!

Hello everyone! Happy Friday!
Sorry for the lack of posting, our electric company was working
on something today in our neighborhood,
so our power was out from 9AM to 2PM today!
Which meant no computer/internet time. :(
But the good thing was that I spent more time outside with my boys.
I weeded some of the front was beginning to look like a jungle!
No joke.. some of the weeds were taller than my 5 year old!
Eww.. am I the only one creep'ed out by that?
The other good thing was that since I had already cleaned up
and had nothing else to do, during Zander's nap time,
I created more jewelry!
Several rings...
(I will be adding them to the shop soon)
Also matching ring and necklace sets.. also will be
added to the shop soon.
I finally brought to life a few designs for a necklace I have
had in mind for MONTHS! I love the necklace and Im so excited
about it! The only problem is I thought I would have picked one
specific design for it by now BUT I just cant pick! So I made example
necklaces of all 3 designs! And I posted them in an album on
my facebook page and would LOVE for you all to check it out and 
vote for your favorite design!
You can vote for the design you like best by leaving a comment on
the picture of your fav design. Or if you dont have a FB page to do
that, no worries! You should still be able to view the photos.
So just look through them and leave a comment HERE with the design
you like the best. {This is the Album}
and here is a sneak peek one of the necklace designs!:

Thanks so much for your help!


  1. Option 3!! I love this as my AH is in law enforcement!

  2. I like option 3 too, I love that you can adjust the length of the chain. Totally cute, and with the handcuffs to the side. Love it!!!


    Bella :)

  3. Oh, and hello, talk about monster weeds, I know all about it. Some of mine are getting to be as tall as me, I NEED to get out there too, lol.


    Bella :)


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