Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Red Bluff Children Photographer {Isabella Sneak Peek Part 2}

 A few weeks back I posted a sneak of Isabella's 1 year birthday
Portraits (See them {here}) And I mentioned having another
session in a few days, for her cake eating...
Well Ive been slackin' when it comes to posting my photo shoots
on the blog! :( So FINALLY here is the sneak peek at Isabella's
Cake Eating 1 year Birthday Portraits!

Check out this adorable and COLORFUL cake that her Momma
(AKA my amazingly talented cake making sister, Mona) made her!
(Yes the focus is supposed to be on the cake, and not Bella!)

I just love how all the frosting colors came together, all over her
once she started devouring that cake!

Beautiful Blue eyes!

Some major destruction taking place here!
Whats funny is that Bella was very dainty and timid with the cake at 
first... only sticking on little finger in the frosting, and glancing at
Momma... making sure it was ok. :)
But once she had a taste.. oh man.. it was over! :) She was grubbin'!

There is just something so precious and cute about a little one
tearing apart and enjoying a messy cake!

The cake before destruction!

Bella before eating cake, in the birthday cake outfit her 
Momma made for her! She even made the adorable crown headband!
Yeah.. you can say talent runs in this family! :)

And here are a few shots of Bella in her birthday dress!
We are so excited, she is 1!!

The big ONE! :)

Sweet Little Princess!

Isabella with Momma and Daddy!

Arent your just smiling from ear to ear!?
I know I am.. these pictures just do that to me!
Im looking forward to doing more birthday sessions like this!
If you're in the Red Bluff area and need portraits done,
feel free to contact me! :)


  1. Even though you're in Cali, you're too far to do Roly Poly's pictures in July. Sadness. Would it be worth the 8 hour drive? I think it's 8 hours.

  2. Ach, I looked. 9 hours. By the way, I forgot to say how incredibly adorable the photos are. I love the bright colors of the frosting.

  3. I just wanted to say how great the pictures are, and what an adorable little model!!!
    Sheshanna from Pieceunique

  4. It's a pleasure and I'll be back to read up sqome of your very interesting posts!
    xoxo Sheshanna

  5. Oh girl, LOVE the photo shoot of Bella. The cake is so bright, so fun, and her little hands, feet, all covered in frosting is soooo cute. She is just precious,,,, you did wonderful capturing her sweetness.

    LOVE the new layout too,,, I love having big pics,, isn't it awesome.

    Hugs, Bella :)

  6. Now, this post made me smile and warmed my heart! what a cute birthday girl! Happy birthday!!!!

  7. I love these picture so much still :)


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