Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Seeing Red...Eye Shadow {Makeup Tutorial}

Hello all.. how has everyone been?
Ive been a little MIA lately...
somehow Ive just been unable to catch up in the blogging world!
But Im trying my best, thanks for sticking with me!
Today I have my third makeup post (second tutorial) for you!

So the last time I tried something red, it was a first for me,
because The Hubs thought I should try red lipstick!
You can see that post {here}

Well today Im seeing RED again, but this time it isnt
so scary and new! Im going to show you how I wear
red eye shadow! You may recognize the look from {this} post as well.
I LOVE eyeshadow, its my favorite part
about makeup. Its fun, you can do so many colors and
looks and it can really enhance your eyes.
Here is the look:

 And here is everything I used for this look:
1.) Cover girl Simply Ageless
2.) Cover girl Simply Ageless corrector 
(for my terrible dark under eye circles)
3.) Blue is Smooth Minerals in the color of Rose Radiance.
4.)  Shadow Magnet by bareMinerals in "light" 
5.) Define-A-Lash Mascara by Mabelline
6.) Black eye liner (no particular brand)
7.) NYX Cosmetics Shadow Pigment in NUDE PEARL
8.) NYX Cosmetics Shadow Pigment in Penny Pearl
(I bought the NYX shadows through Ebay, I got a lot of 30 colors..
Here is an NYX Cosmetics ebay search you can check out for yourself)
9.) Burts Bee's Lip Balm... I LOVE this stuff.. makes my lips tingle!
11.)Full Flawless Application Face Brush (I use this for my blush)

Pictured below is my before and after foundation & blush look!
You can see how bad my dark circles are! :(

So after Ive got my main face on I use the shadow magnet.
With my finger I smudge it on all over my eye lids:

Then using the Nude pearl shadow and the wide angled side of
the shadow brush...

I sweep the color on the inner corner of my eyes and
the first half of my eye lid:

Next I use the more pointed side of the shadow brush
and the penny pearl shadow.

Sweep the color over the outside and crease of my eye lid:
1.) using the black liner, line just above your top lash line, using finger to smudge
and below your bottom lash line.
2.) Add Penny Pearl Shadow to bottom lash line
3.) Add Nude Pearl Shadow to eye bow arch and blend
with color on lid.
4.) Add a little more Nude Pearl Shadow to inside corner
of eyes and front of bottom lash line.

Here is the look on both eyes:

Next add Mascara and some clear lip balm and you are finished.
I like to keep the lips simple/neutral if I'm playing up my eyes!

I love this color, because it really seems to make the
green in my hazel eyes POP even more..I feel it definitely compliments and enhances my eyes.
Dont mind my crazy stray eyebrow hairs... LOL

What are your thoughts on this color?

Have you tried this look before?

If you happen to try this look, or use my tutorial to create a similar look
I would LOVE to see pictures and even feature you here. So feel free to
send me photos.. or a link if you post on your blog! :)

So tell me, how do you like this color?
Would you try it?
Do you have any color or style suggestions you would like me
to try out.. that maybe you are too afraid to try first?
Let me know.. I would love to try more! :)


  1. Gosh i wish i was brave enough to try this!! It looks stunning on you though!!! You're gorgeous!!

  2. I need to take makeup lessons!!!! Taking care of a 19 month old and 6 month old all I do is put on some powder an mascara and out I go! You look stunning!

  3. This looks AWESOME. I love your tutorials. I usually do pinks or blues and greens. But the thought of red never crossed my mind

  4. It looks beautiful on you. You have the right coloring for reds and pinks, I think. On me I would probably look like I've been up all night. :0)


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