Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thursday Things {I Love} #10 AMAZING Bloggy Friends

Since I have started blogging, I have met some AMAZING people!
I love the community here, and getting to talk to and learn from other
woman like me, who are into what Im into. I love the support, and the
encouragement, and the friendship I have formed with these amazing 
ladies! My "bloggy BFF's" You all know who you are and you ROCK!
But today I wanted to make a special mention for one specific fav blogger of mine.

 Jacy, you should remember Jacy from the awesome
giveaway she sponsored just a couple weeks ago for
a custom digital portrait!
I remember when I was checking out her shop and saw them first listed,
I was blown away... she is so talented! I told her how much I LOVED them,
and I was excited to find out we were both on the same page for that to
be the giveaway item. Well a few days before Mother's Day I received an
email from her, with a special gift inside, and a sweet message with nothing
but loving encouragements and compliments in it.
She made me my very own custom digital portrait.. Just because!
I didnt ask her, just just did it because she felt God put it on her
heart to bless me with this lovely gift!

This is the original picture... isnt Jacy Amazing?

I just love it, I plan to print it and frame it and put it up in my craft room/
photo studio! Jacy totally made my day when she sent this.
She didnt realize it, but I was actually having kind of a crummy day, and
when I got the email.. it was just what I needed to lift my mood!
This is how God works through people! 
What a blessing she is to me... and not just cause she gave me a gift.
But because I know how much thought and work she put into this..
and just for no other reason but to show she cares.
I know these kind of portraits take her several hours or days.
And the fact that she would do this for me as a gift just touches my heart.
Ever since I met Jacy, she has been an inspiration to me!
She fully leans on and trusts God's will for her life (even when she was 
laid off from her job) and He has blessed her life so much because of that!
She is so kind and helpful and definitely a light. 

Thank you Jacy for this wonderful gift!
You are such a blessing to me! :)

I hope that all of my readers will check her out.
You're going to lover her, and her wonderful work!

This Way Up

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  1. Oh wow, Maria, that is so awesome. The digital version turned out INCREDIBLE, yes she is talented for sure. Way to go Jacy!!!

    I would love to see this up on your wall, I know it will look so pretty!!


    Bella :)


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