Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Things {I Love} #11 Pinterest! (And An Invite!)

So I have totally jumped aboard the Pinterest bandwagon!

And Im totally loving it! I admit, at first I resisted!
I first heard about pinterest, from Bella, when she sent
me an invite....And I totally declined it. I checked it out first...
but wasnt sure what it was all about. I kind of understood, but
wasnt sure I wanted to get involved on ANOTHER site!

Because all these social networking sites take time and such and 
sometimes I tend to obsess over new things... I didnt want anything taking 
time away from my blogs, FB or Etsy shop (which is having a sale btw)!
But then suddenly it seem to be all anyone was talking about! 
Several other bloggers... then bigger bloggers like Nina of 
Momma Go Round, and Ashley of Little Miss Momma, and 
more recently I saw How Does She started and is actually having
a giveaway for invites to the site!
See if you dont know already, Pinterest is "exclusive" and by invite
ONLY!  Or you can try to sign up and wait to be accepted.
Yeah.. I thought that was weird too.
But I guess that how POPULAR things go right? :)

ANYWAYS... Around the time blogger went crazy I was a little
bored and started getting curious about Pinterest. SO I asked
for someone to send me an invite, on my FB status. Of course my
Sweet friend Bella sent me another, and I joined! And now I 
LOVE it! See I try to be a very organized person. I liked to be able
to find things easy by categorizing everything! 
Just check out my bookmarks!:

Yeah its a LOOOONG list! But check out what it looks like
when I click on one of the tabs:
Another LOOONG list!
So much stuff! Tons of links to sites I love, crafts I want to
try, all kinds of inspirational things... I have them all bookmarked.
I have them all categorized, and in order... but I got to thinking
sometimes it is still hard for me to find a link Im looking for!
Even with all that organization! Now here is why I am 
loving Pinterest.. because for me.. it is JUST like my bookmarks!
Only BETTER! I get to keep things organized and categorized
PLUS I get to pin a PICTURE! So I can easily see and find what
I am looking for.. AND show off, to others who follow me, what I
think is cool, what I like, what Im checking out and all that stuff. :)
So Ive been slowly going through my bookmarks and pinning them
on my Pinterest account, so I can remove them from my bookmarks.
Ive also been pinning a lot of Hello Kitty because Im throwing my
sister's baby shower, and if she has a girl she wants a hello kitty 
theme! If she has a boy it will be a snoopy theme! Im hopeing
for a girl! :) Hello Kitty would be so fun! lol

ANYWAYS... so basically yeah... Im probably one of the LAST
people to join in on the Pinterest fun... But Im just glad I did!
SO I HAD to share! ALSO just in case I am NOT the only one
out there who hasnt joined, lol, I'd like to invite YOU to pinterest!
If you would like to be invited
just comment with your email address!
 And I will send you an invite!
If youre already on Pinterest, let me know what your thoughts on the site are? 
Did you resist to join at first like me or couldnt wait to join?
Oh and send me a link to your board I'd love to follow you! :)


  1. I did resist at first but I love it now because I will actually be able to find stuff instead of searching through my bookmarks! I just wish I had more TIME! :) Here's the link to my board. I will follow ya back, can't wait to see what you have on there! Chris

  2. Ohhhh, I want an invite!

    I keep hearing about it, seems everyone is talking about it.

  3. me me me!!!!

    ....maybe i'll be able to figure it out!

  4. Hey sweet girl, lol I knew you couldn't resist. Stephanie (Luxe) also said NOWAY, and she's happily on there now too, ha ha. I just knew it was the perfect solution for me, and I'm super unorganized, and this has been a life saver.... THE BEST thing ever, one push of the button and bam, your favorite anything is saved,, love that!!!

    Thanks for the mention girly.

    Bella :)

  5. Sounds exciting! Sign me up! Thank you!

  6. me! me! me! i want an invite :)

  7. I loooooove Pinterest! There are so many inspiring pictures to find there. But I haven't made the plunge and joined officially...yet...

  8. You'll love it. I think I use it more than my bookmarks now, but for different things for some reason. Weird, right?

  9. Thank you so much for writing about Pinterest. We're really excited to have you as part of the community. Let us know if there's anything we can do to make Pinterest better!

    Oh and hey, I'm coming back to bloggy land! FYI. haha I'll letcha know when I make a slow and steady comeback :)

  11. I saw your comment on our website, was intrigued by the name of your blog {the word "design" caught my eye} and decided to check it out. I LOVE your cute blog! You are one talented gal! Dang! Maybe we could have you on sometime to do a tutorial or a giveaway....if you'd like! We are always looking for cute fashion ideas! Let me know!

    AND - I would totally love an invite to Pinterest! I have been wanting to check that out! Thanks!

    XOXO, Tara {The Dating Divas} OR

  12. This looks so much better than all the tags and folders I have in my bookmarks. Will you send me an invite, please?!?!

    And keep up the good work. I always enjoy seeing your posts come through on my reader! Very creative!!


  13. I laughed when I read this post because your bookmarks look exactly like mine! I thought maybe I was the only one who had over a thousand links bookmarked. I even organize mine very similar to yours as well down to the smallest category, lol. It's a seriously never ending list and it can be very hard to find that exact something you're looking for. I've been interested in pinterest for awhile but now I must give it a try myself. Your blog is great and I'm now a new follower :)Come on 500!


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