Thursday, May 5, 2011

{Thursday Things {I Love} #9 Inspiration Songs! AND "God Gave Me You" Free Printable Cards

I love MUSIC. 
I love singing. 
I LOVE inspirational songs!
I relate most everything to songs.. 
if there is anything going on in life, good, bad, fun, sad... 
I know there is a song that can express exactly how I feel!
And I will play that song over and over.
Or sing it over and over...
And sometimes I turn that song into
an inspirational Printable!
Like these cards I made:

This week the song that has been stuck in my head is 
God Gave Me You by Dave Barnes.
Why dont you push play and listen as you check out the 
rest of my post.  Its a beautiful song, I know you're gonna love it!

There are 3 free printables! 6 different colors!
I printed these on card stock paper at full page!
But they can also be printed as 8x10's.
Just be sure to make you check the "print preview"
some computers/printers will crop some of the color off.
You dont want that! :)

Print them out and cut them in half. 
I used my sweet x-acto paper cutter!

Then fold them in half... and you've got yourself
6 lovely cards to give the ones you love!

Give one to your mom for Mother's Day.
Give one to your Dad for Father's Day.
Give one to your hubby or boyfriend... just because!
Give one to your sister or your best friend!
Give one to your child. :)
Anyone that you want to let know how important they are to you!

Then you have a blank card on the inside for your own
special, personal letter or note to the person you love!

All the colors print out very nicely!

Or another thing you can do is grab a piece of ribbon
and tie a nice bow around all of the cards and give
them as a gift for someone who loves stationary. :)

Dont they just look so lovely together!?

Now if you want to print out these cards for yourself,
double click them to bring them to full size then save to
your computer and print!
I would really appreciate it if you left a comment
if you decide to take these! I offer these for free.. so
saying thanks or letting me know what you think of them
is always an encouragement and confidence boost!
Thanks so much!


  1. Came over the mrs.
    these are so awesome!

  2. How cute! What a great idea!

  3. Omg, we are soul mates! haha I have had this song in my heart all week too lol I have been putting little love notes in my husband's lunch bag, and these would be great for next week ;)

  4. they turned out beautiful.

    I'm a new follower!

  5. Thanks so much. What a great card design.

  6. How beautiful! And just in time for Mothers Day! Mom will love this note card set, and I got her a nice gel-writer pen to go along with it. This is so much nicer than anything I could have bought. Thank you so much!

  7. Thank you for these beautiful cards. God bless you as you use your talent for Him!

  8. Absolutely beautiful idea. Music has a great deal of emotion, and you have put it beautifully on the cards. I love home crafted cards and gifts, so much nicer than shop stuff. Love your post.

  9. Thanks for the "God Gave Me You" cards. It's my favorite song, and I dedicated it to my favorite girl. If it's okay, I'd like to post these in my photos om our Facebook profile. :)


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