Thursday, June 30, 2011

One Day SALE!!

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Much Love & Hugs,

The Magic Number Is 32!!

Yes.. the magic number is 32! 
Only 32 more followers until I hit the big 500!! :)
I am WAY excited!
And then guess what?
A carnival of giveaways and guest bloggers to celebrate!
Just take a look at {this} special pinterest board showcasing all of the wonderful bloggers and shops that are going to participate in this celebration!

If you are as excited as I am and want to get this celebration going then please spread the word and lets get me to 500 followers ASAP! :) 32 is the Magic number... I know I can reach my goal super fast with your help! :) And then you will enjoy lots of fun giveaway prizes! :) Yay!

Much Love & Hugs!

UPDATE since posting this the "magic" number has changed to 29! Woot! 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More Independence Day Decor!

Here is a peek at my mantel when I first started adding the new holiday decor.

Get this Printable {here}

Get this printable {here}

I got the idea for these adorable little stars {here} on Madigan Made!
The pictures are terrible.. we have bad lighting in our sitting room!

I decided I liked {this} printable better on the Mantel...

So I moved the white star out to add the States Flag Printable in.

Love how it looks up here. :)

I decided to move the white star here with my little Lace Flag. :)

And now Im a happy girl! I love changing out the decor for the holidays! :)
How is your independence day decor looking?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ribbon And Lace American Flag Tutorial

I have a confession... my home (up until last Thursday) still had Easter/spring decor up. OK so thats not much of a juicy confession... BUT it was totally driving me nuts! So I got to work on something cute and festive for some 4th of July decor! I've created several Printables check them out {here}. And I also came up with, this lovely lace and ribbon American flag!

This project literally only cost me a few dollars.
That wood board was from the dollar tree, and so was the blue ribbon and those plastic rhinestones.
The red and white lace was from walmart.. but Ive had it on hand for several months now.
I also used spray paint.. which is cropped out of this picture. because I grabbed the wrong can for the photo. I actually just used spray paint PRIMER, which I also had on hand.

So what I did was spray painted over that mermaid wall hanging.
Then took the blue ribbon, cut 2 strips to the size I thought looked right.
Then used my hand dandy glue gun to glue it in place.
I only used glue on the side and on the very edge of the ribbon, so it wouldn't show through.

Next I cut 4 strips of red lace and 3 strips of white lace to fit across the bottom half of the flag.
I layered it down, to get an idea of how it looked before I glued it.

Again I just glued the lace to the side, pulled it tight and then glued it on the other side.
After that I cut 3 smaller pieces of red and white lace for the top part of the flag.

OOhhh pretty lace! I LOVE lace!

For some "star" embellishments I used plastic rhinestones... and just placed them in a zig zag line.
Used my glue gun to keep them in place.

And thats it! Easy fun festive lacy American flag!

Here it is up with my other decor.

Im thinking I need to go to the dollar tree and buy a couple mini American flags to put into my little Live Laugh Love Vases!

Please ignore all that dust there on those shelves and just admire the pretty flag. ;)

Yay... much better! I'm excited to have some new decor up!
And tomorrow I will give you a peek at the rest of the decor!

I love this time of Year! :)

Much Love & Hugs,

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Vibrant Ring WINNER

This was such a big giveaway turn out! I am so excited you all like my new rings!
Remember that I still have a 10% discount coupon going on in the shop! So if you didnt win and still want to get yourself a ring, be sure to use code  SUMERLOVIN  at checkout the get 10% off!! :)

Congratulations Whitney you won with your Special Facebook Bonus Entry!!
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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wedding Wear

Yesterday I went to an old friends wedding. Luckily my sister was over and helped me snap a few QUICK pictures of my outfit, so I could post. We were in a hurry.. so pics are pretty grainy from my cell phone!

When I first saw this dress, I thought it was cute.. but wasnt sure about the style. I figured I would try it on and just see. Now I am IN LOVE with this style! It totally figure flattering, I felt VERY comfy in the dress and felt it evened out my big hips and big bust with the solid print for the bust and waist and the LARGE flower patter at the bottom.
Dress: The Lable says SNAP, I got it at Ross 
Shoes: Payless... YES I said payless.. I saw them in a commercial and fell in love then hurried over to buy them!
Headband: Agape Love-Yup its on of my own. :)

Can you tell that my Mexican is showing? haha Its thanks to all that yard work I was helping the hubs with! I got a tan SUPER fast! 
Here is an upclose of the dress:

Hair & Makeup I wore it the same as in {this} tutorial!
(my face isnt actually this white.. my cell just always makes me look WHITE up close!)

LOVE this necklace.. It was one of the necklaces The Hubs got me for mothers day. :)

The wedding was cute. The kids had a blast dancing and doing the cha cha slide... even The Hubs had to get up and do that one! *hehe* (Me.. I cant dance) Anyways.. It was so crazy to see my friend get married, When I think of him, he still seems like a little kid to me, But I am so happy for him and his new wifey. Gotta love weddings! :)

I'm gonna be linkin up to these fab sites! :)
Momma Go Round

the pleated poppy blog

Saturday, June 25, 2011

4th of July Decor and Printables! {Saturday Show Offs #12}

A few days ago I created a new printable that I am so LOVING! :)
It took quite a while to make, just to get it to look right, find the right font and size to create the look I wanted (its not as easy as it seems to line up the states evenly when written out!) and write out all 50 states in alphabetical order ... double checking for spelling! LOL
Anyways... I created a States "Flag" Printable See it in the picture below.

Considering this printable took a lot more time than usual for me to create I am offering it for sale. 
But at a very low price, only $5
If you would like one just leave a comment (or email me) your paypal address and I will send you an invoice!

Check out this quick tutorial on how I used the printable for my new holiday decor!
My States Flag Printable (printed on home printer at full size 8.5"X11")
Bare wood frame (dollar tree)
White Paint & Paint Brush
Foam Star stickers (Walmart)

Paint the frame white. Let dry. I only did one quick coat.

Add printable.

Decorate with foam stickers!

I did two of the edges.

And a couple on the glass.

Then hang and admire! I love how it looks on my red wall.

Check out another of my printables. This one is also for sale {here} in my etsy shop also only $5!

And THIS printable is available for FREE.. you can get it {here}!

Here is another shot at my States Flag Printable.. this time on our Mantel.. I like it here too!

Again, if you would like to have the States Flag Printable contact me with your paypal email address and I will send you an invoice! Only $5!

P.S. Be sure to check out the amazing linky parties I join in the linky pqarties page tab, below my header!! :)
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