Friday, June 3, 2011

I May Be Getting Ahead Of Myself, But...

I'm just going to put this out there just to get a head start!
I'm at 449 followers right now.. and Im majorly excited that I am only 51 followers away from hitting that big 500 milestone! I'm truly very excited and happy that over 400 people find me interesting enough to follow! lol
So with that being said I want to CELEBRATE! Once I hit 500 followers I want to do a big giveaway bash! Which means I need your help! If you are interested at all in sponsoring a giveaway here on Agape Love once I hit 500 followers, please comment with your email address and your shop info... or just email me at

:) I would really appreciate any all all help to make this giveaway bash HUGE, AMAZING & FUN!!
So like I said.. I may be getting ahead of myself, it could take a few weeks or a few months before I hit that number.. But I just want to be prepared!
Anyone willing to sponsor a giveaway will also get a 3 month ad spot in my side bar sponsor section! As well as all the exposure and advertisement that comes with the excitement of giveaways!

Thanks so much in advanced! :) You all are amazing!

UPDATE: Its getting closer and Im still looking for sponsors of giveaways! ALSO I would like to have a few bloggers guest post here during this time too.. so its like a big bash with lots of people involved. So if you would like to guest post during this time or do a giveaway (or both) just sent me an email or leave a comment here! :)

Much Love & Hugs,


  1. Congrats on being so close to 500!

    Anna :)

  2. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog and becoming a follower! You totally made my day! I will love you forever ;) Love that TRDC allows us to meet so may cool you.

    You're one step closer to 500 followers cuz I just became number 450!

  3. I'm launching my shop July 1st and would love to do a giveaway or do anything to help out! :)

  4. Hi, its Nikki from Sweetharts. I would love to sponsor your giveaway and whatever I can do to help spread some L-O-V-E! Your getting close 462!! xoxo Nikki

  5. I'll host a giveaway and/or guest post :)
    you got my email, i thinkkkkkk

    megan dot volnoff at gmail dot com

  6. I'd be glad to guest post, if you'll have me. I'd love to do a giveaway, but it's still a while away before I open my shop.


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