Monday, June 6, 2011

Money Saving Tips for the Woman Who LOVES To Shop!

Raise your hand if you LOVE to shop!
Me Me! Well yeah.... I used to love shopping. That was until I had to cart around three little "can I have"/ "I want this" monsters! OK so maybe I still LOVE shopping.. but having three kids who get grumpy after three steps in any store, or ask for everything in sight definitely takes the fun out of it! Anyone else know what I'm talkin' about?! Every once in a while I do get to enjoy a girls day or night out with my sisters and I get to enjoy the bliss that is shopping KID FREE! :) Since those days are few and far between, though, Ive pretty much turned to online shopping for a lot of things! Baby shower gifts, Birthday Presents, home items....

Now raise your hand if you like saving money!
Yeah I cant see you... but I know youre raising your hand! Even if its subconsciously.
I know this because EVERYONE likes saving money!

Now raise your hand if you like clipping coupons in order to save money....
Yeah I imagine there are a lot less hands raised on that one! Sure the idea is great... but honestly who has time for that! I certainly don't! Hello.. busy momma of 3 here! Mommy & Wifey duties come first.. then Me time (blog, etsy shop, crafting creating!) I definitely do not want to spend time searching for and clipping coupons... Even if it would mean me walking out of a grocery store only spending a few bucks on a cart load of groceries! Or what ever it was from that extreme couponing show!

So what is the solution to save you from clipping coupons and still save you MONEY?
How about a little site called!
Coupon Chief has the largest source of online coupons and store discounts for apparel, electronics, travel, entertainment and more!
  •  Find coupons for 1000s of retailers.
  •  Search for coupons and browse by product category.
  •  All coupons are valid and rated by community.
  •  Rate coupons and leave comments.
  •  Set coupon alerts and view your browsing history.
  •  Share coupons with friends and relatives via email.
  •  Submit coupons and earn some cash.
You're definitely going to save money when you use Coupon Chief. So if you are shopping for something online.. For example I was searching for a hammock for the hubby, since thats what he said he wanted for Fathers Day. I really had no clue where to buy a hammock from! Usually I just Google it and see what pops up... but I decided to first search for hammocks on!
It was super easy... All I had to do was put the word Hammock in the search and it listed a few different store options for me to choose from:

I then choose which site to look at and it shows me all the coupons or sales going on for that site! How cool is that! Now Im prepared with a few different coupon options to use on that site, and save a little cash on The Hubs gift!! :)

Now lets say you have a favorite store and you want to see what sales or coupon codes are going on, you can also search by store! One of the first stores I checked was Torrid! I LOVE their clothes.. but sometimes the prices are way out of my budget! :( So its great to find any coupons I can for their site!

When I first checked out Coupon Chief and searched Torrid, there was an amazing coupon for 50% off clearance items! And I found a GORGEOUS pair of boots originally $70 for only $20!! Talk about savings! Exciting I know. :) Just thought I would share this little money savings tip with you! 
Yeah, you're Welcome... Happy Shopping Money Saving!!

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  1. I love this!!! I have never heard of those sites, thanks for sharing :)


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