Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday Things {I Love} #12 Funky Hair & Amanda Lynne Designs!

Sunday Morning I got up to get ready for church... I was about to head to the shower and wondered if I really wanted to wash my hair and deal with the wetness, the blow trying... I figured since I was just going to be in the nursery that day anyways, maybe I could just throw it up in a bun. OR I could throw it up in a bun and still not wash it.. in the midst of all this head debate, I remembered my hair style pinterest board. And remembered a style that I wanted to try. The tutorial said its best with dirty hair anyways... so it was decided! Quick shower, do NOT wash hair. :)
So this picture below is what I did to my hair. You can kind of see the braid in the above picture. I wasnt able to get any good pictures of me from behind.. But at least you can kind of get a good idea of what it looks like from the front.

I started with a small section of hair across my forehead and french braided down and all the way around my head, until it comes to a end and you just kind of braid down your hair...

I apologize for the terrible pictures... as Ive said before, I always use my cell phone for pictures, and Sunday was a little gloomy.. so no good lighting = really grainy/blurry cell phone pics! lol

I felt like it needed something after I was done with the braid so I added one of my favorite headbands! And it seemed right. :) Of course before I left the bathroom I was SO sure that someone was going to laugh at me as soon as I walked out! My little family doesnt always agree with this Mommas fashion or style choices...
And I was right.. little Bruce laughed at me! He said are you gonna go to church with your hair like that? Its ugly! And he laughed... that silly little boy who just CUT HIS OWN hair recently! Shouldnt talk about silly hair! haha Of course I didnt let my son get to me... it was the hubs thoughts that worried me!

Surprisingly though, The Hubs LOVED it... he kept saying so too!
He would just look at me and say I really like your hair like that, Scunny. (yeah not a type-o, we call each other Scunny) Or wow you look sexy with wild hair like that! *BLUSH*!!
I kept thinking he was joking and laughing at me on the inside! (Darn insecurities) But The Hubs is a jokster! So much so that even I have a hard time telling the difference between his "jokes" and made up stories, and when he is being serious!
But he was serious, and that made me happy! And when I got to church everyone else liked my hair too. :)

Oh and have you noticed something else about me in these pictures? Yeah.. THAT adorable little necklace Im wearing?? Its called Young Love and its by Amanda Lynne Designs, and I absolutely LOVE it!!

Isnt that just the most clever idea for a hand stamped necklace!?
"Two lovers strolling through the woods, hand in hand stop at a tree and leans in to kiss. There they declare their love and decide to leave their mark in the tree. As a reminder of the "Young Love" that started. "
-Quote taken from the listing for this necklace!
Its such a fun necklace, a good reminder of the days when we first fell in love... which for me was in High School... and even though he DID tell me he loved me, once, in high school... it still took The Hubs a while longer to realize he really loved me and I was THE ONE for him.  :)

Anyways.. one LAST photo... this is me after church... headband off, hair pulled to a side pony tail. I was in nursery remember... I still ended up needing my hair pulled back! LOL But I kinda liked this look too. I think next time I try it though I will try to make it not SO messy looking... even though I know that is kind of how its supposed to be. But this was my first attempt at the style.. so I think it was a lot worse than it should have been! LOL

Ive found so many cool hair style ideas through pinterest, and I cant wait to try more!

What do you think of this funky hair style?

Any new styles you have tried?

Id love to hear about/see them!
Share in the comment section! :)

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  1. Maria- you are absolutley STUNNING BEAUTIFUL.!!!!!!!! I so love that hair style and have tried to do it, but not very good at braiding my own hair. :)
    And "Young Love" looks amazing on you! Thank you for the shout out!xoxox


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