Thursday, July 21, 2011

500 Followers Celebration: Sparkover Giveaway

OK So I am SUPER excited to introduce you to today's giveaway sponsor!
Yeah so this totally shows off the computer nerd in me.. but I dont care! 
I am LOVING just about EV-ER-Y THING in this shop Sparkover!

This unique and creative shop features repurposed circuit board jewelry and accessories.

Checkout some of my MOST favorites! 


Up first.. you know I gotta show the 'stach love! :)

Upcycled Circuit Board Mustache Necklace

Love these earrings.. they are totally geek chic!

Super Long IBM Circuit Board Earrings

I {♥} Computers!

Upcycled Circuit Board Heart Necklace

This next one is crazy cool and unique! Seriously.. how awesome is this!?

digital pac man cassette tape handmade circuit board necklace

You really must check out this shop to see all the other amazing items!

Today Jaci (owner/operator) of Sparkover is giving away this sweet long chip circuit board necklace:

Here is a shot of how it looks on.

I SO wish I could win this giveaway! *hehe*

But since I can't, here is how YOU can enter!


1.) Must be a public follower of Agape Love Designs
Leave a comment letting me know you are one!

2.) Add Sparkover to your favorites on etsy!
Let me know your user name.


3.) Let me know your favorite item from her shop!

4.) Like Sparkover on Facebook & leave her a comment thanking her for the giveaway and/or letting her know I sent you!
Leave a comment here letting me know you did so!

5.) Like Agape Love on Facebook... leave a comment on any of my photos!
Leave a comment here letting me know you did so!

6.) Blog
7.) Facebook
8.) Tweet
about this giveaway!
leave a separate comment with a link for EACH that you do to maximize your chances of winning! :)

Good Luck!
Much Love & Hugs,


  1. I added Sparkover to my favorites on Etsy. (brightlyshines)

  2. I "Liked" Agape Love on Facebook and left a comment on your cute jewelry holder picture!

  3. I love Sparkover's Pacman and heart shaped necklaces shown above! I also love the Ohio shaped necklace on etsy and all the rings and earrings are great!

  4. But of COURSE I am a public follower of you, my dear! :)

  5. I added Sparkover as a fav on Etsy! Reesesrenditions... that's me!

  6. Ok, seriously... I love everything! Makes me want to go rip apart some old computers, lol!! But my most fav of all... the Super Mario handmade circuit board necklace!!!!! <3 Oh the memories! LOVE IT!!!

  7. I know like Sparkover on FB... and went a little crazy with my comment, lol! I also posted the link to the awesome Mario necklace so all my friends could see!!

  8. Tweeted! Mamareese23 has helped to spread the word!

  9. I added Sparkover to my etsy favorites. My username is thimbleluvr.

  10. My favorite item from her shop is the digital love necklace.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I hearted the shop on etsy (as avroradavidovna).

    avroradavidovna at gmail dot com

  13. I love the digital ohio handmade circuit board necklace. I wish she made one for Minnesota!

    avroradavidovna at gmail dot com

  14. I like Agape Love on facebook as Avrora Davidovna.

    avroradavidovna at gmail dot com

  15. I like Sparkover on Facebook & left her a comment thanking her for the giveaway and letting her know you sent me!

    avroradavidovna at gmail dot com

  16. I'm a fan of Agape Love on Facebook. Commented on the Hello Kitty wallet photo:!/photo.php?fbid=225033504201000&set=a.199891603381857.42157.144561292248222&type=1&theater

  17. Wow! Such an awesome and brilliant PCB made jewelry.


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