Sunday, July 3, 2011

Confessions & Inspirations

There is no giveaway today.. but BELIEVE me when I say I have SEVERAL lined up and coming soon! When Agape Love hits 500 follower, be prepared for a big celebration with loads of giveaways and several guest bloggers to add to the fun! :)

Anyways.. since there is no giveaway today, I thought I would do a fun little CONFESSIONS post, with a little inspiration tied in. :)

First confession:
Besides not washing my hair everyday (which is typical for most women), some days I dont EVEN BRUSH my hair! And no not JUST on days Im home all day!
If I wake up and like my hair how it is, I just wash my face and leave my hair as it as is.
Then do my makeup and get dressed for the day.
I guess I am fortunate to be able to get away with that kind of thing.. I have wavy somewhat curly hair naturally...
so THIS is what I wake up to MOST mornings:
Pics taken with my cell phone, right in the morning.. no make up, no edits.

Second Confession:
Some days I have LOTS of time to be online.. other days I dont have ANY time to get online.
So how do I get away with managing 3 blogs?
Well for one Agape Love is my main blog and gets the most if not all the attention (if I have a limited time to be online) So sadly my other two blogs Mommy Made and The 4 Way Stop get neglected a lot.  And when I make time to post on those blogs I dont link them up as much as I do for Agape Love.. even though I really want to and need to! Poo.. lol
As for Agape Love this picture below is an old screen shot of my draft board. I REALLY REALLY try to get several posts ready and scheduled or at least started and drafted when I have lots of extra time to do so. Just for another example.. today as I sit and write this is Thursday June 30 and I have already written posts for Friday (Shine Project Reveal), Saturday (Saturday Show Offs), this post is gonna go up Sunday(today for YOU),
and coming up...Tuesdays tutorial post!
For me.. I may not write EVERY day.. but to you it seems like I do!

Third Confession:
I never feel stupid when I come across a big word or one I don't know... I just look up the definition and if I like it, I start using it in everyday conversation.. then others think I am smart! 

 Fourth Confession:
I saw this on a friends twitter... and now I think about and remember this everyday!
It really helps me when I want to get annoyed/mad/frustrated with someone who is buggin me.
REALITY check people!
Really.. me? Naw.. cant be true... BUT it probably is!

Fifth Confession:
Another thing I try to tell myself:
Source: via Maria on Pinterest

OK so this might seem conceited... but really this is something I have to tell myself everyday... or at least some version of it! Because some days I get down, some days I second guess myself, some days I find out a "friend" has been talking junk, some days I get rude mean comments, sometimes people try to bring me down! My self esteem gets crushed (almost DAILY). You just have to take it in and realize we ALL say and do things that are hurtful to others at one point or another! This isn't always easy.. but some advice I had been given a while ago that I try to keep in mind is this: Think about the criticism you received, honestly answer if ANY of it is true if it is... make a change if you NEED to. Then filter out and forget about the rest! Hard... but do-able.

With that being said I want to share with you this quote I found on Pinterest:

See I have a special pinterest board called Something to Think About  filled with great quotes (like those above) and things to really make you think, or things you should try to think about daily!
So to go along with my confessions I wanted to share a few inspirational quotes and things to think about!

I liked this next one because it honestly really made me think.. hmm could that be true?  I don't know of anyone who would be or that is envious of me. But it COULD be true. And it IS true that I can be and am envious of others at times. What I need to think about is that I have an AMAZING life, Im grateful for my life.. and even though I get down on myself, I like who I am. And I am just who God made me to be! Recognizing and remembering that is pretty important to do.

This one is perfect... I especially NEED to remember to ALWAYS thank God everyday.. for the GOOD and even the Bad. Like "they" say: with out the rain.. we would never really appreciate the Sun.
How often do you find yourself complaining and praying to God only about the bad things.. how often to we just sit and say thank you to Him for all the good and beautiful things around us? If I answer honestly... I would say even though I feel grateful everyday.. I dont give Thanks often enough.
And I probably complain more than I should.

NEVER let your complaints out-weigh your Thanks! (<-- that one is from me.)

Alright... well those are my confessions and inspirations to you!

Do you have an confessions to share?
What about inspirations? Whats inspiring you lately?

Thanks for stoppin by!
Much Love & Hugs,


  1. lol. i love this post! If I were you, I would never wear make up or mess with my hair!

  2. Awesome post! You have gorgeous, glowing skin, and I love your hair! I've got curly hair, that most of the time frizzes out all over the place.

  3. I love love love that last one! A great reminder to be thankful for our blessings.

    And you are too stinking pretty. I can't decide if I want to hug you, or smack ya. :P

  4. Love this post!! I will confess something. =) I am a big fat procrasinator. I still haven't done my thank you cards for my baby shower back in the beginning of June. Guess i should get on that. Thanks for the post and inspiring quotes!!!!

  5. Love this, made me so happy reading it! I have to confess that I have become the biggest worry wart, I feel like I sit and stare at my daughter sleeping for almost an hour every night just to make sure she is breathing. As for inspirations I always love finding things from different decades. Lately I have really been loving the 50's. I have also always loved anything that is reminiscent of old Hollywood, I even want our wedding to have that kind of look.

    Enough of my rambling haha great post! Your hair is so pretty and you look all around lovely all natural!


  6. I just found your blog. Thanks for all your great printables on your site. Great creativity!


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