Thursday, July 14, 2011

Date Night & The Dating Divas {Thursday Things I Love #14}

I dont know if you know this, but I live in a small town.. Sure I grew up in this town and I love it here. However, ever since spending 5 years in Washington while The Hubs was serving in the military Ive gotten used to the city! Always something to do, stores all around, coffee shops at just about every street! As much as I liked living there, the idea of coming back to our small home town, settling down, buying a house.. knowing the our kids would eventually go to our old High School (where we met) sounded amazing. And well it is, I love our home! I love that we are living close to our families again. And I do love the quiet, not too busy, not too crowded, not too traffic-y, not too crime filled town.

My only complaint is that when the hubs and I want to go out, have a date night we find ourselves constantly asking the question.. ok what are we going to do? We tend to get caught up doing the same old boring stuff. Not that being alone with my hubby is boring.. but some times I want to do something new and exciting, fun and adventurous! Not just go see a movie, or eat at the same old restaurant, and then walk around the "mall" of Red Bluff A.K.A Walmart and NOT buy anything. (Yes we do that.. this is no joke.) Then end up coming home early feeling like old geezers. 

Well NO more.. I wanted to tell you about a fun site that I recently found. The Dating Divas

The Dating Divas are a group of OUTRAGEOUSLY FUN friends, all married to amazing guys, posting FUN, creative, and inexpensive date ideas weekly!

I happened upon their facebook page just a few months ago. I thought their name sounded so interesting, so I fanned their page. I didnt even realize they had a blog/website until recently when they did a Hot Hubby Contest!!  I had to check it out. And realized they had a wonderful site filled with loads of great ideas for date night! I LOVE their site, and what they stand for!! The girls are really just too sweet to boot! I am now bound and determined never to have another dull date night with the hubs again! haha
So with that being said, I figured I would share about a kind of impromptu date night The Hubs & I had the other night. It started with us wanting to do something, we NEEDED a date night. Problem was... we were pretty low on money (Our PGE bill was outrageous this month!) and we also didnt have a sitter for our 3 little ones. Then I remembered something I read over at the Dating Diva's site:
{A date is simply two people spending quality time together.}
 And really thats all we needed.. some quality time together! Some time alone away from the kids. We didnt HAVE to go out, or spend money.. we just needed quality time. So we decided to go ahead and have dinner as usual at home, together as a family. After we were done, we sat with the kids a while to get them calm and quiet. We said it was quiet time for the day, time wind down and just relax. After about 30 minutes to let our tummy's settle after dinner and to get the kids calm and content we turned to netflix for help!
We found a movie that all three of the kids could agree upon (which actually was the hardest part haha) Finally it was decided Curious George! We sat with the kids for another 5 minutes, then let them know Mommy and Daddy were going to have some quiet alone time. That they needed to stay in the living room and watch their show and when it was over we would do another movie together as a family! After that we rushed to our room, changed into our swim suits and sneaked out of our back bedroom door (feeling like mischievous teenagers) as quiet as we could to our pool! We knew if the kids noticed they would want to join us and spoil our alone time. Luckily the movie kept them unaware. :) And we had a good hour to enjoy ourselves, night swimming! And I'll admit, we did a little skinny dipping for added excitement. ;) Luckily our backyard is very private!

We came back inside just as the movie was ending. Then we wrapped up the night with another family movie together this time with popcorn and cookies for a treat. :) And everyone was happy.
It wasnt the typical "date night" But I had fun and the hubs and I got quality time with each other AND the kids.. without even leaving the house or spending extra money. Gotta love that. 

This was just something we decided to do spur of the moment, without much plan. It was simple, but fun. However... next time we want to do a date night OUT I've got a few date ideas saved from The Dating Divas, to do! You can also find them out on {Facebook}{Twitter}&{Youtube}!!
And just a heads up... I will be sponsoring a pretty sweet giveaway on their site on the 19th! I am super EXCITED to be there.. so I hope you will check it out. :)

Much Love & Hugs,


  1. I love that! I'm glad you guys got some time together. Brandon and I don't have kids yet, but I've always told him even when we do it doesn't matter if we can go out or not, just alone time after kids go to bed with a slice of cake will do me just fine. :) cake makes everything better, no? lol. :) cant wait till you get to 500 followers!

  2. MARIA! I absolutely love your spontaneous date night! What fun!! So glad you two were about to squeeze a date night in! :)

    We are excited you guys found us as well....and thank you so much for the kind words! We are super excited for your awesome giveaway! Our readers are going to LOVE it!

    XOXO, Tara

  3. Love this post! I love our little lady but I am looking forward to the first time we get to have a date night together :) This sounds like it was a pretty great night!


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