Monday, July 18, 2011

I Am A Nerd!

So I feel terrible for the lack of posts, Summer has been kickin' my behind! It seems we have one thing after another to do.. stayin' SUPER busy. Which is good, Im lovin' the family time. But its meant less time to bloggity blog... so forgive me Kind Sirs. (Yes I know you are all mostly women who read my blog..but the "sir" thing is just a little thing my sisters and I do for fun.)

I am sure all you lovelies dont mind my absence and are totally understanding.. but I miss ya! Hope you're missing me? *haha* Just make me feel better and say yes, Mmkay?

Well I thought since I have been MIA and idk when I will have another free moment to blog, I thought I would share another confession post REAL QUICKLY! I mean real quick.. cause its really just ONE confession.. and its mostly pictures.. but hope you enjoy anyways! ;)

Oh and before I go on.. just know I am only SIX followers away from hitting 500!! WOOT WOOT!
This is good for you because thats when the celebration will start and YOU all will be treated to TWO WEEKS of SCHWEET giveaways!! Yes I even wish I could win most of them! You are all very lucky!! :)

OK moving on!


I  am a HUGE nerd! I kind of always have been.. and I may have already shared that with you before. But I thought I would really let you in and show you JUST how nerdy I am.
I was cleaning up my photobucket and found these OLD drawings of mine, that I had scanned to share with some friends who didnt believe I was actually into Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z.

They made me laugh.. so I had to share with you all!

So my confession is yes I was a huge DBZ fan. Im still kind of into it.. just not as much as I used to be. :)
These are some of the drawings I did of a few of the characters. 

Now Your turn.. lets hear your confession(s)!!!

Hope your week is AMAZING!!!

Much Love & Hugs,


  1. Love this post! I like to think I'm a nerd too :) I love the history channel and watching documentaries. My fiance calls me a dork because when we go for walks I tend to skip type of dancing walk down the road instead of regular walking, why walk when you can dance?? haha And YAY for almost being at 500!!!

  2. Haha! I'm a nerd, but not a DBZ nerd. :p I am however, a giant Harry Potter nerd. No, I've not dressed up like him (or any of the characters). At least, not yet. Halloween is coming up.

    Can't wait til you hit the 500 mark! I'm ready to see the party!

  3. Dude you so crack me up mama. Seriously my son has drawings of some of those characters too, lol. That is SOOO funny. You did a great job drawing them, and should be proud, who cares if it is DRAGON BALL Z, lol.

    Oh and I'm a bit relieved to see that they ARE from like 10 years ago, which makes it WAY better, he he.

    Great hearing from you girl. I KNOW summer has been getting the best of most of us lately. Soon we will all be busy for back to school stuff, and then you know it starts all over, he he. Busy is my FIRST , MIDDLE, and LAST NAME these days, lol.

    Ok, I think I'm a Major nerd, because I say LOL, and HE HE after everything, it totally even gets on my nerves, but seriously if you ever talk to me in person I LOL a LOT, and chuckle and can't keep a straight face about anything, I'm always silly, so I can't help but type what I am actually saying in my head.

    Alrighty SIR, I'm off to do stuff.

    Hugs, Bella :)
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