Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Dining Room Reveal

I guess "reveal" is such a dramatic word. haha But I say that because I started showing off my dining room decor almost a year ago.. and just realized that I never posted the last part and the finished look of my dining room! haha
So here it is.. the "BIG" reveal! Part 3 of my dining room decor.. and the full reveal.

I painted this to go on the 3rd wall of our dining room. It was actually inspired by a printable I found and fell in love with on someone's blog. I knew I wanted it BIG though, so I though painting it would be best. I wish I could link to it.. but it was saved in my bookmarks on my old computer (which crashed and died on me!) So if you recognize this from anywhere let me know! :) The only thing I did different than the printable was to add more flowers all around it. :)

Here are some quick pics of my process. This is painted on an 18x20 canvas.
I sketched everything out.. then just started painting.
You can see that I mimicked the flowers from our (then) table cloth... I just loved those colors and flowers! So pretty!

Painting the flowers.

Adding in the verse. LOVE this verse btw.. perfect for everyday life, and perfect for the dining room. :)

A little closer detail.

When I was all done.. It just seemed too white and clean for me... so I added some "dirty" brush strokes to shabby it up a little. The Hubs told me not to do that, that I would mess it up. haha But I LOVE how it turned out.. and he came around and admitted it looked good that way too.

Ok so here is the full reveal! haha it feels silly saying... our dining room is teeny tiny! But hey... it does the job! This is the view of it from our sunken living room.

You can see how I made this Olive Garden inspired wall  photo art in part 1 {here}.

Gotta love it.. dollar tree hurricane. :)

I also made this wreath.. I didn't take any pictures of the process to share because I originally intended to just plainly wrap it with twine.. but then I ended up making this cool pattern.. and I honestly don't even know how I did it! haha (as you can probably tell.. because its so inconsistent)

And this was from part 2, get this dining room printable and see how I created this frame {here}!

Well there it is.. my dining room. :) Now you have seen that, my craft room, Kiah's room and my backyard pool area.. any preferences to any other rooms? haha I kid.. Even though we are VERY blessed and I LOVE our home, our home is very modest and nothing compared to some homes Ive seen around blogland! :) Still.. I just may have to show off my sitting room soon! It is coming along nicely.. I am FINALLY starting to get the Victorian sitting room I have been dreaming about! :) But it still has a lot of work... Maybe in time I will share it. :)
Only if you all want to see it? Do ya? *hehe*

Much Love & Hugs,

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  1. Too cute!! I sure do love the color scheme you got going on!!

  2. Aww love it. That is a beautiful painting you did, love the flowers. Your dining room is cozy, just the way it should be, and I love the plates on the wall, that is so cute.

    So when is a whole house tour coming???

    Take care mama!!

    Hugs, Bella
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  3. You did a great job, girl! I love it!

  4. Love it! I agree you should do a whole house tour! :)

  5. Ooooohhh, I love it! What a nice 'setting' for the dining room....the way you walk up steps to it. VERY nice! And again I'd like to say, I LOVE my US printable I got from you!! thanks!!


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