Friday, July 1, 2011

SHINE On! Some Big News About A BIG Project!

"If you aspire to be great you must give yourself to something greater than yourself" ~Pastor Nate Day

I am sure you have all heard about Ashley of The Shine Project, right?
She is one amazing Woman determined to make this world a better place!
She is so beautiful and inspiring, encouraging and uplifting!
I, along with many other bloggers TODAY, am writing to tell everyone about a special project she has started! She is organizing a big event in October that will benefit The Shine Project Scholarship Fund which will give scholarships to inner city school students to help change their lives! It's going to be a silent auction, and I am helping to spread awareness so that she can find people who will donate to the fund, or give items to the silent auction. I am going to be donating two of my own handmade necklaces for the auction. (If you have any items you would like to donate, or know anyone who has connections to cool prizes, please contact Ashley,, to let her know!)

The reason so many bloggers are writing about this today, is because today is a very SPECIAL day over at The Shine Project ! Today Ashely is starting CHANGE for CHANGE! People all over the country will have change jars to put their leftover money in for three months, and then cash it in to the scholarship fund. Here are some examples of the Jars:

If you would like to start a Change for Change jar, here are some labels she has given for you to use. But please contact Ashley for more details on starting your own jar!

Check out this (exclusive) inspiring video Ashley made showing how even something little can do a lot of good!



  1. This is kind of like "Christmas Jars" - Have you read that book?

    Great cause!


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