Wednesday, August 3, 2011

500 Follower Celebration: Brooke Anna Of Mommy Does!

 Good Morning everyone, I would like to thank you all for helping me celebrate 500 followers! I do hope you have enjoyed all the guest bloggers and giveaways! Today I would like to introduce you to the lovely lady behind Mommy Does! She has always been a fab supporter of my blog, and I adore her! So lets make her feel very welcome with lots of comment love! :)

Hey there, Y'all!
My name is Brooke Anna and I'm originally from Louisiana! 
I'm so happy to be a guest over here at Maria's place!

I blog over at Mommy Does... and boy! has this 9 months taught me a lot.
I began blogging last November, and Mommy Does... has come so far since then.
From making friends, to loosing friends
 and finally finding part of myself that I wasn't sure existed.
I love to help another blogger out, and have a tendency
 to hardly say "no" to many things in life.
I have come a long way through blogging, but have so much further to go.
You know... it's pretty crazy when you think about it.
Even though we don't all "know" one another in real life, 
on a certain level we do "know" some about each other. 
Even if all we "know" is what they want us to know.
Whether it be from heartbreak, family problems,
 financial strife's or simple getting things off of our chest... 
we allow others to "see" us for what we are,
 women, mothers, children, and ultimately friends... even if it is only in bloggy-land.

I love reading about others families and adventures or day-to-day life. 
I enjoy writing about my own family, and ways to save money.
I'm not one who is afraid of a hand-me-down or a DIY project.
I would rather shop at a yard sale than a major chain.
I love to coupon, and enjoy sharing savings I find with others.
I like to pass on information for a good deal...
and am a full time college student who is striving to become an elementary teacher.
I make my daughter hair bows, and we will soon go through a major change to our lives.
I haven't posted about it yet on Mommy Does... but I plan to... soon. 

I love entering giveaways and have won a few good things.
I have bought a lightbox using a Tanga Credit...
and I have won a Nintendo Wii just two weeks ago!
I have exceeded the amount of $1000 since November on items for kids, family, friends, or gifts. Besides entering myself, I enjoy hosting giveaways as well.

Now, about my family...
I have a wonderful fiance' named B who is the father of our two children...
Little Girl
and Little Boy
They are the light of my life, and I would do absolutely anything for them.
If you would like to check me out... I would love to have you over...
and thanks so much Maria for inviting me over!
I had fun y'all!


Wow who else is impressed by all those winnings! Just a reminder to always enter, you never know when you can win BIG! :) That is crazy cool, girl!  Thanks for your guest post girl, it was really great "meeting" your family and hearing a little more about you! :) P.S. I am amazed at how well you have done with your blog, only 9 months old and over 500 followers! You rock!

Much Love & Hugs,


  1. Happy 500 girl! and I love Brooke Anna she is an awesome supporter!

  2. What a great heart she has! I read through some of her blog and loved the honesty and heart-felt posts! I became a follower, so I can keep up with her in the future. Thanks for sharing!


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