Friday, August 12, 2011

August Adventures

I know Ive been slacking big time and I keep just saying "Ive been busy". 
I feel so lame saying that all the time!
So since I had a free moment this morning, I thought I would share some photos of my August adventures so far. So you can see just how busy I have been! :)
Well you know it was my Birthday on the 8th! 
(Still have a great discount going on for you!)
Thanks for all the birthday wishes! :) You all are so sweet.
It was a pretty great bday. My kids made me this crown, fit for a queen! :)
(I didnt realize it before.. but it seems I always wear my stach necklace with that shirt! haha)

But before that The Hubs & The kids made me breakfast in bed! They woke up early and woke me up singing happy birthday... they actually scared me! haha But it was so sweet.. even Zander was singing 'Happy DerDay Mommy!' LOL
Those are chorizo & egg burritos in case you were wondering...
and yes I have a special plate that has my name on it! haha

I've also had a friend from Washington here visiting for a few days, she came just to spend my bday with me! :) We did some swimming and crafting and it was great! For my birthday, she had the BRILLIANT idea for use to go "get our nails did". lol
I got an amazing spa pedicure! It felt so nice, and my feet & toenails totally NEEDED to be treated!
Check out how cute they look now!
 Up close of my pretty flower.

After that we went shopping around the mall, and ended our day at a little place called The Sweet Spot. We got some yummy gelato, and Becca got me a candle to make a wish and blow out! :)

The next day was going to be Becca's last full day with us.. so Hubs had the brilliant idea to go floating down the Sac River! So.. we only intended to do a 3 hour raft ride.. but it actually turned into 8 hours and a crazy adventure trying to get home... I'll leave it at that. 

Im going to rewind now back to the 2nd of August...  when we decided to take a last minute trip to Oregon to meet up with some old friends!

We did a lot of driving.... 9 hours just to get there!

Zander.. my little book worm.. HAD to have his books with him for the drive!

We had so much fun in Oregon. We played at the Beach...
Me & Zander.

 Kiah, Me & Bruce Jr.

The view is SO beautiful here!

We went to Seaside.
Went on the Carousel.

Did Bumper cars!
The Hubs & Bruce Jr.

The kids rode on a little train!

This is Bruce Jr. & Brody, our friends' son. They are best buds!

We ate at Big Foot's Restaurant. They had these cute smiley face fries for the kids. The food was delicious!

The kids are "running" from Big Foot.

Little cuties!

Aside from Oregon, Visitors and MY birthday.. it was also my nieces birthday! She turned 3!
I took some photos of her party, and will share more of those soon. When I get time to really go through & edit some.

Isnt she beautiful? :) Her & Zan are like twins.

I also have NEW pictures of the kids to share! As well as had a newborn photo shoot. And I will be sharing all those soon too! Again.. just need the time to sit and go through and edit some! 
But I look forward to sharing them all with you! :)
I had such a fun summer and this month has been SO busy! All good stuff, but Im totally looking forward to the school year starting and getting back into a normally scheduled routine of life.
Plus the house will be a lot more quiet since Bruce Jr. will be in school now! My big Kindergartener! :) So I should have a lot more time to devote to the blog and shop too!
Thanks for sticking around through my absence and lack of posting.

How has your Summer been?

Much Love & Hugs,


  1. Love this! Looks like August has been a fun month :)

  2. Awesome update girlie, God bless you and your family!! Your niece is gorgeous...we need to pray for her protection now because when school starts...oh boy LOL

  3. what a fun day! Happy Birthday, may this year be filled with many more blessings...hugs.

  4. Lots of fun photos. Girl, you know I've been crazy busy. I too am planning a review of Summer post.


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