Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Because Im So Fashionable

Im not going to pretend to be fabulous today.
In most pictures I post of myself, I make sure I look good. I want to look fabulous.
Because, I'll admit it, I care what I look like and I'd like to look effortlessly put together.
But lets face it.. I am not really that fabulous, it takes a lot of effort!
And I don't always even feel like it!

Today I have some grocery shopping to do,
several packages to drop off at the post office and a couple other errands to run.
Of course that means actually making that effort to get dressed and be presentable to be out in public.
I totally am NOT in the mood to even get out of my PJ's today...

So I am procrastinating... Watching cartoons with Zander and playing Cars and Dinosaurs, then I was on pinterest adding to my "When I need to Laugh" Board. I guess I am in a silly mood today. :) When I popped onto blogger and saw several WIWW posts I decided I needed to post one too! Cool right? You would think that would inspire me to hurry and get dressed for the day right? And show off my amazing outfit, because I am so fashionable, *caugh NOT cough* right?

Eh.. Not so much...

This is me, a real momma who is not always fabulous, who sometimes wears pajamas all day.
And this is my "seriously, dont take this post too seriously" pose.

Its much more fun to lounge around in comfy PJ's.
Especially when there is a rambunctious (<--Wow I spelled that right on the first try! Sweet, I was totally just guessing!)
toddler who wants to play!

Uncombed hair, No makeup, Pajama's... Check Check and Check.

Fabulous Pajama Pants & Cami: Old Navy

So maybe I will just finish my cup of coffee (real slowly) and then get ready for the day...

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Much Love & Hugs,


  1. Love this post! I think I feel like this everyday :) I'm in my pj's now still haha

  2. You are too cute! :D Love the pic of your son sitting next to you!! :D

  3. You are still beautiful even on your jammie day! You are such a lovely lady. Your hair even looks good! -Anneliese

  4. You are beautiful without even trying. Reading more and more of these WIWW posts almost inspire me to post one of my own. Maybe one of these days.

  5. Miss Maria, you are so beautiful! I love that you're 'keepin' it real'.

  6. You are more beautiful all natural missy!! God has blessed you :)

  7. Love this post! You look cute in your pj's!

  8. You rock those jammies girl!!! Oh yeah, and your table is totally the one that my grandma had while I was growing up. I would love to have it now, but my aunt shipped it back to her home in Minnesota.

  9. I love my PJ's too and wouldn't take it off all day if I could! sweet post, girl! xoxo

  10. Aww sweet mama, I look like this EVERY SINGLE day, and I dont' even have cute pjs, even those look totally crappy, so even though you think you dont' look so fabulous, I'm telling you girl, YOU DO.

    Confort is my style, lol, and nothing beats pjs, or yoga pants.

    Today I was a mess, cleaning the garage, so DEF no WIWW pics for today, lol. However next week, you will see me in my pjs, as a before shot, before I got ready for the party Sat night. I am doing a makeup tutorial too, lol. Thats NEXT WEEK!!

    Anyways girl, I say be comfy, and getting all dressed up takes too much time, and effort for me, then I need to get UNDRESSED, and washed up, erghhh. Totally not worth it, most of the time, ha ha.

    Love ya mama, wish I could hang with you and chat, drink tea, and eat, oh and take pics, he he.

    Hugs, Bella :)
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  11. Your Gorgeous! I wish my hair looked like that uncombed, or my face that fresh without makeup! Keep rockin it!

  12. Hi, Maria Isabel. Here's an award for you, girl!

    TSWL Ladies

  13. Girl, my pajamas aren't even that cute. I wear the same sweats I've been wearing for lets-not-mention how long. LOL!

  14. Ha ha, it's almost noon and I just got out of my housecoat half an hour ago! Totally lazy day and it's awesome!


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