Monday, August 8, 2011

CELEBRATE My 27th Birthday!

Also.. just fyi for a limited time I am giving away a free pair of earrings with every purchase!
Just put "Free Earrings" in notes to seller at checkout!

Much Love & Hugs,

P.S. Dont forget about all the giveaways going on!
Check out the list in my sidebar---->
And be sure to check and see if YOU were a winner of any of
the first 7 giveaways! Winners Post {HERE}!


  1. Happy birthday! Hope you have an amazing day.

  2. Happy Birthday!! I just turned 27 on the 4th! Hope it's amazing!


  3. Happy Birthday, Maria! Here's to an amazing day, and week!

  4. Happy Birthday! You would give a discount, wouldn't you!? I just bought something else from you! Hope you have a fantastic day!

  5. Happy Birthday!!! I hope your day is fabulous!! :)

  6. Happy Birthday Maria! I am a new follower :)

    Hope you're having a beautiful day xoxo


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