Friday, August 5, 2011

A Headband A Day...

A Headband a day keeps the bad hair days away!!!
Did you hear about Little Miss Momma's headband challenge?? As soon as I read about it, I knew it was right up my alley! :) I usually wear headbands or hair clips in my hair just about every day anyways... I figure this could be a fun chance to show off my lovely head wear! :) And also check out all the lovelies everyone else is wearing! :) Its always fun to see the different styles and ways you can wear a headband. 
For me, I am much more adventurous with my hair and makeup, than I am with my clothes. For one, because I love my hair and I have always loved makeup. They seem easy to me... and like Ive said before.. some days I dont even comb my hair! But clothing my body seems hard. My body needs work, Im insecure sometimes and never sure what looks good. So I tend to express myself more with hair and makeup! As Im sure you will be able to tell from the photos you see. haha Anyways... on with the photos... What I Wore (on my head)  for a week edition.

Last month the hubs spent a lot of time camping and fishing with his brothers... and because Im a big baby, I have trouble sleeping with out him! So what did I do? I stayed up late creating lots of fun hair goodies for myself. 

This fist one being one of them! Im not selling this one in my shop, but if you like the colors/fabric, I do have a somewhat similar on in my shop {here} called Cheery Cherry!
Necklace from, none other than Little Miss Momma herself! Get yours {here}!

So I dont always wear a headband when I wear my hair up.. 
but I figured it could make my plain updo a little more fabulous! :)

This day I couldnt choose between photos! I took several to show the different ways this headband can be worn! :) I was actually modeling it, since its a NEW headband in my shop called Jungle Princess! Get yours {here}!

Next photo.. was a "lazy, I dont feel like going out or even doing my hair" kinda day. I just threw in an old headband I made about a year ago. This is like one of the very first headbands I ever made for myself! LOL
And its still one of my favs!

This picture was at the end of a shopping day with my sisters. :)
And that headband was another of the headbands I made for myself while hubby was camping. :)
Necklace is Young Love By Amanda Lynne Designs!!

I had a photo shoot this day! So of course I was sporting my Photographer Necklace!!
And the headband is another old favorite... another one of the first headbands I ever made for myself. 
I love wearing it.. it goes with everything since there are so many colors in it! 
Its called Spring Fling and you can get one just like it from my shop!
Oh and YES that is green eye shadow you see me wearing. The Hubs says he LOVES me in green. :) Its actually both of our favorite color. :)

Oh and I had to take a close up of my hair that day.. since you couldnt see my awesome braid from the front shots.

I kinda cheated on this one.. Its not a headband.. just a fluffy white rosette hair clip I made for myself a while ago. But its still a hair pretty, and I love wearing my clips up to the side like this. I feels "old Hollywood" glam to me. :) And I wanted to feel glamorous because I had a hot date with The Hubs! :)
Necklace: Key To My Heart

This next picture makes me laugh.. I feel like im making a funny face.. idk.
Anyways this headband is yet another I made while hubby was camping! 
Yes I made 8 total.. thats how much I could not sleep. Told ya I was a big baby!
Anyways.. there is a similar one in my shop {here}! 
I love it because of the fab rhinestone lace elastic! So pretty & Glamorous!

These next few pics are of me modeling ANOTHER new headband in my shop called Pink Loves Brown! I had to post several pictures again to show the versatility of my new headband designs! What do you think?

Its fun trying the different ways to wear it! :)

This headband is another one I made and I love wearing it, its light and its just so easy to throw this one in and make plain hair look great! Plus I just love those polka-dotted feathers! :)

Ok and lastly I had to run some quick errands and didnt feel like doing my hair.. so I threw it up in a sloppy bun and added a big head band (another one I made while hubby was camping!) It made me feel a little more pulled together and pretty. :) I usually DONT wear headbands that often while my hair is UP soo I am glad for Little Miss Momma Challenge! :) I think im loving wearing with my hair up now! :)

Well thats it... are you sick of seeing my face yet? I know I am! haha
But honestly, this was definitely fun sharing so many hair pretties with you! :)
I cant wait to see others who have linked up to Little Miss Momma's Headband Challenge Linky Party! Hope you will join in too!
Oh & BTW please check out my link and click the LIKE button for my link! The people with the most likes will get featured by Little Miss Momma!! :)

Much Love & Hugs,

P.S. If you happen to notice Im mostly smiling without teeth.. you caught me! I get a little insecure about my smile.. my front teeth are crooked, and on one side I still have baby teeth. Yeah you read that right. :( As so sometimes it just looks like I am missing teeth or something! haha So Im kinda shy about it.


  1. Maria, how cute are you??!! Can you make the zebra print with purple instead of pink for me??
    I love your style.

    I struggle with not sleeping either when hubby is gone too. I get so much more done. Have a great day!

  2. You look amazing! Thanks for posting about this challenge. It inspired me to try crocheting some headbands and actually wearing something in my hair. I think I'm hooked, although not brave enough to take photos yet.

  3. All those headbands are so cute! You look great. I too skip brushing my hair on many a day. I am in love with the style of your new headbands. DIVINE!!!

    BTW-How are you? I haven't checked a blog in about 2 weeks. Sad, but a little refreshing.

  4. Love your headbands, you look lovely! I'm a headband/hair clip fanatic too :)

  5. your designs are too pretty! i love all the different ways you wore the headbands...good luck with the challenge!:) you are gorgeous!:) love your eye color and pretty hair!


  6. So, I already said this in another comment but... I just bought my first headband from... YOU! I'm so excited! It is super cute and I can't wait to show it off and tell everyone about you. Also, I am emailing you soon! :)

  7. I love all those headbands. And you have the cutest eyes.
    I am actually having a super cute hair accessory giveaway now at my blog. make sure to enter for your chance to win.

  8. Love all your headbands- too cute! Thanks for sharing all your photos and how you wear them- fun stuff!


  9. Love your headbands!!! Your super talented! What a pretty face to boot!! Way to rock em!

  10. Whoah, that zebra one is totally ridiculous, and I mean the totally awesome version of ridiculous! I love, love, LOVE it! It looks even better on such a beautiful model!

  11. Was checking out the headband challenge[rs] from Little Miss Momma & found your blog. I love all of your headbands, super cute!!! you are beautiful & love your hair!


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