Monday, August 29, 2011

A Little More Fashion This Time

I usually dont do fashion or what I wore posts so close together... Heck who am I kidding.. I usually dont even do more than one a month! But I felt it necessary to redeem myself after my last post
Yes I am a momma, Yes I am in pajamas a lot of the time but I do still love to get "all gussied up" (in the hubs words) when I have a chance to! Being at home all day I feel like it is such a waste to do my make up and wear nice clothes if I am just playing on the floor with the kids, or cleaning. I am sure you know what I mean if you are a SAHM yourself! But Oh.. when I get to go out.. you better believe I will take advantage and do what I can to look my best! :) 

My sister Alea had her baby shower this Saturday and this is what I wore.

I LOVE this dress, its simple and oh so comfy! I got it from Target. Did you know that Target had a fabulous plus-size line called Pure Energy? Yeah I didnt either... They dont carry this line at MY Target here in Northern Cali. I bought this dress while I was in Las Vegas with the Hubs for a wedding. (We were in LV for the wedding, I didn't buy the dress for the wedding. lol) ANYWAYS.. I was totally jealous they had such a cute line for us ladies with curves, but I hadnt seen this line where I live. :(

So anyways..
Dress is Pure Energy from Target.
Lace Shrug is from Deb.
Leggings & Belt from Torrid.

                                                                                                                                                                                      TOTAL HAIR FAIL- My bangs were being completely ridiculous this day!
I guess it didnt help that I was sweating like crazy taking these pictures outside in 103 degree weather!

These are my absolute favorite shoes, They are cute, they are a great color.. I wear a lot of this color so I feel like they go with everything.. even adding a pop of color to black. I get complimented on them regularly. They are comfy like seriously comfy, I can wear them all day and feet never hurt! PLUS they make my legs look good. :) Major bonus points. I have worn them before in another fashion post.. I swear I have other cute shoes.. but like I said, I favor these! :)
They are from Payless Shoe's. Yes thats right!

You would think that being behind the camera as much as I am, I would be great as posing myself! But no.. I had quite a few awkward and some unflattering shots! LOL I guess I am just a lot more comfortable BEHIND the Camera rather than in front of it... But if you know me at all you will know that this fashion post is a MAJOR step up from any Ive done before, considering I actually used my good camera.. NOT just my cell phone! :)

On another good note, there is something else that has improved since my other fashion posts...

Can you guess what that is?

My Confidence!

Yes, my confidence! I remember the first time I posted about wearing this belt.. and I was very unsure about the belted or cinched look. Now I love this look! I felt confident in the belt, I actually felt the belt pulled this outfit together very nicely!

I will say it again, I felt confident! I felt fashionable.. I felt PRETTY! And believe or not.. I dont often feel pretty. Totally NOT fishing for compliments.. compliments honestly sort of make me feel a little more insecure. I have no clue why.. they just do! But I really dont always feel pretty.. I feel AWKWARD! I AM awkward a lot of the time.. You may not know this either.. but I am also very SHY! To some that shyness comes off as snobby. So I try my best to be more outgoing... I still feel awkward and insecure. But I've learned it is good to step out of your comfort zone every now and again. :)

Ohhh hey did you happen to notice that pretty necklace around my neck? Let me give you a close up!:
Isnt that necklace totally AMAZING!? Its another from Amanda Lynne Designs! I adore her work, Im sure you all know! :) I already have Young Love, this new necklace is called My Heart Is Full.

Alright and lastly, what fashion post of mine would be complete without a head shot of my hair and makeup. :)
The Hair clip is this one that I made last year. :) I wear it a lot.. especially when I wear this white lace shrug.
Yeah I like to be matchy-matchy! I'll admit it. 
I am a work in progress... :)

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  1. Love the outfit --you look great! I hope you had a great time!

  2. You look great!!! Love the whole outfit, but those shoes are just the cutest! I have been dying to have a night out with my fiance so I can get all dressed up :)

  3. I love it! The whole outfit is awesome! I love the dress and the belt looks fabulous with it. The shrug is a nice touch, and those shoes just rock!

  4. DANG girl, you look FABULOUS, can I say that again without you feeling all weird, YOU LOOK HOT, hehe.

    I LOVE the belt, and without it, the outfit would have been naked, if you know what I mean. The leggings, and shrug, ohhh so cute.

    Not to mention YES you totally look more confident, and it SHOWS, and thats a good thing, he he.

    Hey you know how many times I've been called a snob, lol, oh man, why can't we hang out and be snobs together, lol. Can you imagine the fun, he he.

    You look beautiful mama, and I love ya!!

    Hugs, Bella :)
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  5. Cute! My strapless days are sadly far behind me.

  6. I follow with GFC. Love your style. I am in love with your shoes too.
    This is only my third week linking up at WIWW.

    I currently have a fun anything goes linky at my blog that runs Friday through Monday each week. I just announced a new monthly “desperate 4 date night” linky and would love for you to join in on the fun. Here is the link explaing more.

    Thanks for you time and hope to see you soon.


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