Thursday, August 18, 2011

Making Chores FUN For Kids! (And Releasing My Inner Control Freak!)

Hello My lovelies!
Today I would like to talk about how I was able to make chores FUN for my kids! Plus how I made it easy easier for a control freak like me to LET go and actually let my kids do chores and things for themselves!

Being a control freak and a slight (or Lazy as I call myself) perfectionist I find it hard to ask for help, or let others help me.. or even do anything for me! Its even WORSE when it comes to letting my kids do anything for me... See I have this fear that it wont be done right unless I do it. And even though I hate doing it all by myself and dont want to work so hard to get everything done by myself (<--- Lazy Perfectionist Alert!) I still will anyways.. Or I will just put it off untill I can get it done another day!

Yes.. thats right.. I would rather do everything by my self rather than have others help me and risk it being done wrong and having to do it myself again anyways!
*hangs head in shame!*
This is my thinking.. this is the sad control freakish nature I am WAS living! But with the help of my newest sponsor My Job Chart, I am working on this behavior of mine and better yet, my children are working on chores and really earning all the special privileges they otherwise took for granted!

It's not that my children are totally spoiled, but lets face it.. they get a lot, and used to do VERY little to actually earn things like toys, computers, video games, friends over, treats and such. So when I was contacted by Gregg (Founder of My Job Chart) about becoming a sponsor I was very pleased. Because I had actually been trying to work on a way or find a system for chores and rewards so that the kids would remember every day to do their chores without me having to tell them, or remind them... or without me ending up just doing everything myself, as much as I wanted and didnt want to! lol

So, I'd like to show you more about My Job Chart and how we use it!

For one, this is a FREE program and for two.. it is WAY COOL, easy and as previously mentioned really FUN too! Once you sign up you will be able to log in and create log in names and passwords for your kids! If there were anything I were kinda "ugh" about it was that the kids would have to log in to check out and check off their jobs!
I wasnt sure how much I wanted the kids on MY laptop and messing around. Plus Brucey is only 5!
Then I realized, with our tech'ed out kinda world now.. kids really NEED the computer knowledge and to be at least a little tech savvy. And to be honest, I have sort of deprived my kids a lot in this way... because I know how addictive and overwhelming it can be. However, I know they cant be "sheltered" forever, and this is a good opportunity for them to really learn. So I got over that and am so glad I did! Now I LOVE it!

To make it easy for the kids to log in on their own, I decided to add My Job Chart to my tool bar (as seen in the photo below). They just open up our browser, and click that simple button! Then they can click on their picture and use their very own special password to log in and view their jobs for the day! But I will get to that part later.

First let me show you what it looks like when I log in. When a parent logs in they can add family members, assign jobs, pick rewards and set up everything you need for your child's job chart!

One of my own personal favorite parts is the message board! I can write quick personal messages to each of the kids.. and they show up when that child logs into their job chart. And they can even write me back! Its so fun!

Ok so here is what my son Bruce's job chart looks like when he logs in. He has chores for the day time and the night time. He can view his messages from me, his day/night time jobs and check them off when he gets them done. Each job is worth points, and he can use the points to EARN certain rewards! You (the parent) get to set the point value for each job and also the cost of each reward.

This is another fun feature... when your child gets all of his jobs done, this little messages pops up along with the sound of applause. :) *hehe* Its a small thing, but Brucey Loves it and it makes him excited!

So while your child is logged in they can not only check their jobs, but they can also check out their very own store! This is very fun for my kids! They always want to see what they can "buy" with their points and how many more points they need to earn in order to buy certain items. There are a few cool things about this. One is they can choose to turn their points into real money. I believe each point equals one penny. You (the parent) can also put real retail rewards from on the list. So say they want a new video game, bike or book, etc.. you can add it to their shop and they have to earn enough points to buy it. If they earn the required points, then you have to hold up your end of the deal and purchase the retail item for them!
I have not used that option yet, my kids are young and I have not felt the need to use those kinds of rewards yet. However, if the time comes along when they "REALLY" want something, I will probably use it to show them how much work it takes to earn real money kind of rewards. For now, though, they are only using what is called Family Rewards. Things like video game time, family game night, ice cream, going to the park and such. Of course these are kind of just every day things they used just get to do any old time.. or when ever I allowed them to. Things I felt they were taking for granted, but now are EARNING.
Now when they ask for something, I dont have to feel guilty for saying no. I can ask them about their jobs, if they got them done, and if they have earned enough points to be able to do what they are asking for. If they have not, they understand why. If they earned it, well awesome! They deserve what they asked for and can buy it from their store!

At the end of each day I get emailed a report of the daily summery for each kid. It lets you know what jobs they got done that day and which they didn't. I usually already know what they do and don't do, because my kids are only 5 and 8, so I'm always close by when they get chores done and check them off. But I also try to let them do it on their own. I have Kiah help Bruce log in away from me.. so he can feel like a big boy. :)

This site had been wonderful! The kids are now EXCITED every day to check their job charts and get their chores done fast! They understand about working to earn rewards and privileges. They get an idea of all the work this Momma does, and I feel they appreciate me more for it. My home stays clean and tidy and Im not totally exhausted at the end of the day! And best of all it has helped me lose a little control (in a good way!) over some of the jobs our home requires. I don't have to worry about if this or that is getting done. If I should allow or make the kids help me.

I assign the jobs I'm comfortable with them doing or helping me with, then I relax and let them do their thing! If in the end its not perfect, I let it go. It doesnt have to bother this control freak because the job will be there again for my child to do again the next day. Of course I will still correct and help them learn how to do their job well. But I am still a lot more relaxed and less stressed (not so control freakish) since using this site, than I have been before! I'm happy, the kids are having fun and LEARNING at the same time. You really cant go wrong. I completely recommend My Job Chart to anyone with kids! Especially anyone wanting to teach their kids about responsibility, work and earnings. :)

Much Love & Hugs,

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  1. That is sooo cool! I can't wait to use it on my future kids some day!

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