Sunday, August 21, 2011

Red Bluff Children Photography - Bruce Jr.'s New Photos!

On Wednesday you got a peek at Kiahs New Photos
Today I share with you Bruce Jr.'s new photos!

Bruce Jr. is 5 years old! 
He started kindergarten this week, and he is my oldest son!
He's got a killer "Million Dollar Smile" JUST like his daddy. :)

He may have The Hubs' smile, but at least he has got my crescent moon shaped eyes. :) 
He is pretty much a perfect blend of The Hubs & I.

So hard to believe he is already 5!
My little Buddy looks like a little man now.

You may think he's got that "far off look" down perfectly, 
but really he was distracted from all the turkey feathers there were around the yard! 
He couldnt wait for me to be done taking photos of him, so he could go play with and collect them! haha

So handsome! I cant help but gush! :)

He's the MAN! :) My little stud. haha He is SO his father's child!

Again, scoping out the turkey feathers!

This is his "Are we almost done yet... I REALLY wanna go get those feathers" smile. haha

I promised him we could take only 5 more pictures and then he could go play! 
But they had to be good smiles! I said he could even count the pictures to make sure!


You get the idea... he did good.
This was the face I got on 6! haha
This unsure look.
He was like, "I thought we were gonna be done... are we done? Can I get the feathers!?"
I couldn't help it, I had to snap another. :) He was just too cute!

So there are Brucey's new photos! He did good, right? :)
Next up is Zander! The difficult one.
I also tackled the challenge of getting photos of ALL the kids together!
I will be showing those off soon too. :)
It took some work, but I got quite a few that I LOVE. Cant wait to share.

Much Love & Hugs,


  1. I'm in love with all of the photos you've been sharing! Way too cute!

  2. Oh goodness girl! He's going to grow up to be a little heartbreaker!


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