Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Would You Like $200 To Shop?

My girl Bella over at Bella Before & After is celebrating her bloggy Birthday! It is one year old!
And when my girl celebrates, or does giveaways.. she goes BIG! And this time she has gone beyond Big even.. 
She has gone Ginormous!
She is introducing her sponsors in a very cool way! 
She is having a Shop Till You Drop Giveaway, where you can win up to $200 to shop at ANY of her sponsors shops! How generous is that!? VERY generous, if you ask me!
I have entered, I would LOVE to win.. but I am also one of her sponsors... so I wouldnt mind if any of YOU won! Because you can choose to shop at MY shop, did I mention $200 worth of shopping and BELLA will pick up the tab! Bella also has 18 other sponsor's shops you can choose to shop at as well!
You definitely do NOT want to miss out on this wonderful giveaway!

So you may be asking yourself... "Whats the catch?"
Well the catch is, you MUST "like/fan" EVERY sponsor on the list and connect with them on facebook, letting them know Bella sent you or something about her giveaway. Which wasnt a problem for me, I just used my own business/fan page to like them from. (Be warned though, if you comment something similar on each page at one time.. like within a minute or so of each other, facebook will assume you are a spammer and block you from leaving comments on business/fan pages for a WEEK! I know this happened to me!) So if you enter, be sure to like everyone's page.. but leave comments here and there with some time in between! :)

So what happens if you only have a personal page and would prefer to keep your "likes" to a minimum?
Do you have to miss out on an awesome free shopping spree opportunity? HECK NO! Bella in all her generosity is ALSO offering another giveaway JUST for fans like you! You can enter the $5 for every Like Giveaway! You only have to LIKE or fan the shops/sponsors you actually enjoy and WANT to shop at. The winner of that giveaway will get $5 for every "like" they did, towards shopping at those sponsor's shops!

Either way.. if you are a fan/follower of mine then you are already one step closer to winning a free shopping spree! Because, like I said before.. I am one of her sponsors and you can also look forward to a giveaway on her page from ME, soon, as well! :)
So head on over to Bella's Blog and Enter the giveaway that is right for you!!

Much Love & Hugs,

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  1. Aww, thanks Maria, you should be my marketing rep, he he. You have a way with words, I love it. Thank you so much for letting your readers know.

    You the man, I mean woman, he he.

    Love ya!!

    Hugs, Bella :)
    **$5 for every LIKE giveaway** @ Bella Before and After
    **$200 SHOP till you DROP giveaway** @ Bella Before and After.


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