Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Circle Of Life

This was the view of my front "yard" ... (well its our driveway I guess.. we have a roundabout in our driveway...) ANYWAYS... this was the view this morning. Do you see what I see? Or are you totally missing it, like I almost did this morning when taking Kiah to the bus stop (Brucey stayed home sick today)?

Here let me give you a closer look! :)

Arent they just so cute!? Two little Bambi's! :) They were just sitting all snuggly in our roundabout this morning... I only saw one of them actually until I busted out my camera and my telephoto lens.. Only THEN did I see the second one. Man those little guys blend in well! And they were just calmly laying there just the two of them. 

That is until Zander noticed I was outside and HAD to join me...
he slammed the door and scared the baby deer away!

It was such a nice morning, I decided to stay outside for a bit. I was inspired by nature and just compelled to take some pictures of it! So I headed to the backyard where my FAVORITE tree is in full bloom. Gorgeous isnt it?!

I love that tree for two reasons... its just so beautiful! First reason: The flowers are gorgeous and I have never seen a tree like it before.. It totally does not even match or belong in our back yard, I have no clue why it was put there.. all I know is that I am glad its there. :) Its beauty makes me happy!
Second reason is that this tree attracts lovely little humming birds!! :) *sigh* The cutest little birds EVER! It became my mission this morning to capture one on camera. And I did.. BUT didnt get any brag worthy shots. Those little guys are extremely fast! And by the time I could get my camera focused on one it would fly away before I could click the button!

So pretty much I was only able to get a picture like this.. which is blurry because he is sitting in a tree very high up, and I just so happen to catch him JUST before he took off.

This one turned out ok..
but again I wasnt able to focus the picture as well as I would have liked and by the time I tried again, he was gone!

This next one was a little hard to see..
I drew an arrow pointing to the humming bird to help you find him. :) Its wings are covering its face.

After a little bit Brucey came outside to be with me and was being all kinds of noisy and boyish.. throwing sticks and rocks... at my tree! Grr... so the birds didnt want to come back. :(

So I tried to get some busy little bees... 

Getting their nectar. 

Sigh... I just adore this tree. ♥

Ok so as I was taking pictures I noticed one of the humming birds perched on a branch of the tree far across our koi pond... so I zoomed in as much as I could to get this crummy shot. LOL

I was feeling a little bummed about not getting any great shots of the birds,
so I took a few more flower shots and went back inside.

Fast forward to the late afternoon... around 3:30 Im heading out to my craft room to photograph some of the new pretties I made for the shop.. And I find this little guy on the ground. :(
It seriously made me so sad... it looked just like one of the two I was trying to get pictures of this morning.

Call me creepy... but I picked it up and moved it, because it was in the middle of the dirt road to the back of our house. I'd never seen one so close up before, it still looked beautiful and so tiny. I was sad it died. I dont know how it happened, maybe it was of natural causes... I just felt so bad, but I guess thats just part of the circle of life.

I know this is kind of a sad way to end a post, sorry about that. :(
I do hope you enjoyed the pictures still, 
I just had to share the beauty of nature I enjoyed today.

Do you ever go outside and just look around at all the beauty that is this earth?

Sometimes I go outside and I hardly notice my surroundings, because I am so busy doing my own things. It was nice just to sit in the peaceful morning and really enjoy and APPRECIATE the beauty that God has surrounded us with here on Earth. I definitely need to do it more often! :)

What about you?

Much Love & Hugs,


  1. What a gorgeous tree and the deer. Amazing! So sad that the hummingbird died. :( I need to take time to notice my surroundings in nature more often. I'm usually more concerned about getting where I'm headed. It takes my little ones pointing out a bird or a flower before I take a look at much other than the sidewalk. This post is a great reminder to slow down and notice God's gift to us each day. :)

  2. same here, Maria. sometimes life gets too busy and I rarely notice the beauty around me until I see a lovely sunrise or see the sunset from my balcony and then I tell myslef, I've got to breathe and relax and take in the beauty around me... thanks for this lovely post. so sad the hummingbird died I agree, that is the circle of life...

  3. I loved this post, can't believe I almost missed it. I love hummingbirds too, they are the sweetest. Those little bambies were darling, so cute.

    Your pictures are wonderful Maria, and since it brought you so much joy, I think you should go out and enjoy your garden more often. It's super relaxing, and just makes you happy. Even with the tiny birdie dying, you are right, is sure is the circle of life.

    I don't think you are creepy at all. I prob would have dug up a hole and made a small grave for it, he he.

    Great GREAT post. Do more girl. I loved it.

    Hugs, Bella :)

  4. Aww! Poor bird:-( I have a weakness for cute animals. Especially that poor little hummingbird. I'm constantly photographing nature and it's creatures, they are beautiful to me and I have a respect and appreciation for it all. We have hummingbirds in out yard all the time. You should catch our homemade hummingbird feeder, you might giggle, but it's a winner for these lovely birds. I'm glad to have found your blog via LMM. Love it!


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