Monday, September 12, 2011

Come Find Me...

Over at Little Miss Momma's Blog today!!!!!
In case you are wondering, that's me in the back with the red hat and long dred-like braids.
This was my during a youth trip, we were messing around and "performing" to a song by Plus 1.
I was 17, and in my senior year ofl High School. :)

Now head on over to check out my t-shirt refashion tutorial over at Little Miss Momma!!

Oh and you can also find me on Eisy Morgan today too, I am giving away a custom made headband there!

Much Love & Hugs,


  1. New follower from @EisyMorgan! Your work is great! Come by and see me at

  2. Your tutorial for the lace t-shirt is great. I'm going to show it to my daughter after school tomorrow. Maybe get her and her friends to make one. So cute!! Katharine


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