Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fun Giant Crayon Photography Props! {Thursday Things I Love}

Today on Thursday Things I Love, I would like to share with you my love of the Dollar Tree!!
Ive done several projects from dollar tree items and I love all the great items they have there.
The possibilities are endless, and for only a dollar.. you just cant beat that.
I love that they have a great craft section too.
But I always take my time at that store, I look ALL around that store, in every isle and section.
You just never know what you can find and what you can use and what you can create.
So while I was there just last week, in the kids toy section I happened upon these GIANT crayon "piggy" banks. I HAD to have them! I KNEW instantly that they would be WONDERFUL photography props! And I am always on the look out for great props on the cheap.

So I took some quick test photos of Zander (cause he got a new hair cut) to see how they look.
They are so fun! The only thing is you need to be sure to have them a certain way so that
the money slot isnt showing. But then of course, you can always edit that if you're handy with the clone stamp in any photo editing program. See the before & after:

Now to make these pictures even more fun, take pictures with lots of extra space to "write" something. I used this free font called lipstick traces. Click the link to download this font!
Simply use the color picker to grab the color of the crayon and then write with the special font, 
and it looks like coloring on the wall! So fun right!

Zander definitely had fun with the giant crayons, and I just think they look so cute!

Im sure we could think of lots of good uses for these crayons in kid photos...
Im thinking announcements, birthday invites, valentines day cards...
So I am excited, a total SCORE at the dollar tree!! 
This is why I love that store so much! :)

And isnt my little Zander bug looking so handsome with his new hair cut!?
I still love his hair when it is long, but The Hubs said he was starting to look like a girl. haha
So he cut it while I was out in my craft room! Sneaky Sneaky!!

What are you loving this week?
You thinkin' bout heading out to the D-Tree (as I like to call it)?
What have you scored at the D-Tree Lately?

Much Love & Hugs,


  1. I just realized I commented from a different google account but it's Amanda from little b :) You have had so many cute posts recently {not that I don't always love your posts :)}

  2. Such a cute idea!! Thank you for linking up!! xo


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