Friday, September 9, 2011

Just Lovely....

If you're a fan of mine of facebook, you prolly heard about me being sick. :(
No fun.. id been lounging around all day in Pajamas, oh right, I do that anyways...
BUT still.. it was no fun. My body was aching, had terrible headaches, itchy dry throat, and coughing like crazy. A few times when The Hubs let me get away with it, I just took some NyQuil and went back to bed! I didnt want to move or even shower. Gross.  So Im starting to feel a little better, was finally able to get orders sent out yesterday and I even showered! haha
Of course I took advantage of finally not looking like death, by taking some lovely pictures of myself showing off my {Just.Lovely.Things} Hair Pretty!

Who doesnt love just lovely things?!
Heather, the brilliance behind these hair pretties is so sweet & down to earth. Love her tons!
I sponsor her blog, btw, and ever since I found her I'd been wanting one of her gorgeous creations.
However for a while it was SO hard to do! I think Nichelle put it best when she said "You have to be a Ninja to get one!" I remember when Heather was planning on releasing Love Paris theme in her shop, and I got online just in time, RIGHT as she posted she was listing! I went right over to her shop, which was actually still empty. Thats how early I was. OK so I refreshed a few time and finally started seeing all the listings. I was looking over them.. not 5 minutes. Had two picked out that I liked, couldnt decide. I finally decide.. go to buy and it was already purchased!! Im like wow... so I go back to the other one I wanted and no, not there. It was gone! ALREADY! SO I refresh the shop and pretty much everything was sold out in a matter or 20 minutes.. IF that.

I swear thats just insane! I was a mixture of disappointment and awe. Haha Bummed I missed out cause I was so slow, but excited at the same time for Heather. I mean how cool is that! Those things sell like hot cakes! I admit I was a little envious too. HAHA Who wouldnt be, come on! ;)

Anyways.. we dont have to worry about our lack of Ninja skills anymore, because Heather is now FULL TIME with Just Lovely Things, and is planning on keeping her shop fully stocked. Yay.
Now the only thing I have to worry about is which way I will rock my headband for the day!

I just love all the different ways you can wear her headbands.
Versatility is something I really like, as you can from my own versatile headbands!

Left side, right side, bangs in, bangs out, bohemian style or traditional?
I had to try each way so I could decide which looked best. lol
you do that too right? 
"Love" and "Happy" Necklaces from Agape Love Boutique.

I finally decided I kind of liked the traditional look best. 
My bangs werent being naughty, like last time. So I was happy with this look. :)

Which was your favorite look?
Which way do YOU prefer to wear your headbands?
 Happy Friday all!
Much Love & Hugs,


  1. I love that headband! It's so pretty:)

  2. This headband is so cute. I like it every way, but I would probably wear it the last way.

  3. Love the headband! It looks cute all the different ways! Hope you are feeling better :)


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