Thursday, September 8, 2011

Red Bluff Children Photography - Zander's New Photos!

Finally, I have finished editing Zander's Photos so I can share them with you! :)
Not that I really did much editing to them.. but STILL. It took me forever.. at least it feels that way!
So Zander, if you dont already know, is the baby. :) He is 2 years old.. but is certainly smarter than his 2 years! He is SUCH a handsome little stinker.. and definitely gave me heck with our photo shoot!
Which is why he got two of them! You will notice two outfits.. originally I planned a blue shirt for him to be more of a match to Kiah's outfit... but I only got a couple good photos from that shoot.. so a month later we did another session and I dressed him to match Little Bruce with a green shirt.

Boy oh boy, the difference a month makes is astounding!
I can not believe how different he looks just in one months time!
So this first picture is from the second photo shoot. About 30-45 photos in.
Its his defiant,"Im not smiling anymore", face! But oh my.. still such a handsome face!!

Now this second picture is from the first original photo shoot!
He looks SO different, his hair is shorter.. and I made an attempt to comb it nice, but looking at both photos I LOVE his messy long curly hair. Its just more naturally Zander.

His cute little goofy smile. This was not a full on Zander smile.. it was a "I'll sort of humor Momma and smile a little" smile. This kid is smart.. he KNEW what he was doing, being a total stinker for me! haha

Second photo shoot.. Now THIS is a real Zander smile!
Gosh I love his cute little face!

Haha I am not sure what this face is.. but it totally cracks me up!
He reminds me of a mixture of Paul Rudd and Ryan Gosling.
But Zander has always sort of reminded me of Ryan Gosling. :)

I adore this photo of him.

Being curious....

Another great Zander smile!!!

Being a little shy.

Just being plain adorable!

Oh {HEART!} Zander laughing!
Getting him to laugh, while I had the camera is just short of a miracle!
I swear as soon as he see's me with the camera he purposely frowns, looks down or away.
He is just a stinker like that, he finds it funny... So getting these shots are priceless!

So glad I was able to capture a couple laughs. :)

Goodness, Zander is SUCH a character!! 
I love this little guy SO MUCH, the little stinker. hehe

Soon I will wrap up my kids new photos with their group shots and then the out takes..
I laugh so hard every time I go through them.. seriously..the outtakes are some of the best shots! haha
I just have to share... hope you wont mind. ;)

Much Love & Hugs,


  1. I love the black and white photos!

  2. he is adorable-- and def looks so different! older, for sure! great shots! love the B+W's!


  3. He's so stinkin' cute! All of your kids are gorgeous!

  4. Ok, I have to agree his messy hair is just SO MUCH cuter, why brush it if thats not the way he wears it, lol.

    My most FAVORITE picture is his little SHY picture, he is just adorable in that one. I could seriously gobble him all up, like for real.

    All your kiddos are amazingly cute, and I can't wait to see the group photos :)

    Hugs, Bella :)


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