Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday Things {I LOVE} Crimpy Hair & Luxe Boulevard!!

I love the look of big poofy, crimpy hair!  Its just so fun!
I was inspired to do my hair like this from a tutorial that Stephanie of Luxe Boulevard posted a couple weeks ago. The only difference is that I french braided my bangs and just did regular braids all through out the rest of my hair, and she did these cool twists in hers. Her hair turned out with a softer more lose crimp look, mine came out a lot more kinky. But I love the look of both styles! 
So anyways.. I braided my hair after my shower one day, and then left them in all day and over night, 
then took them out the next day. Here is the before & after:

Since I was rockin' a Luxe Boulevard inspired hair style, 
I figured it would also be the best day to go sportin' my new Luxe Boulevard headband too!

I absolutely LOVE it. Ive always been more of a Bow fan, than a flower fan.
I started out only ever wearing bows, and slowly got into wearing flowers more often.
But I am still a sucker for a cute bow in my hair! 
PLUS this one has an adorable cameo silhouette accent.
And I LOVE cameo silhouettes!! :)

I think it was completely perfect with my hair style. 
Big crimpy hair & Big pink bow! ♥

It even looked good with my hair up at the end of the day! :)
Necklace is Key to My Heart 

 I also got a super cute wallet clutch from Luxe, and I LOVE how she packaged everything!

What are you lovin' lately??

Much Love & Hugs,


  1. Oh my goodness. I love it. Love it all. That hairstyle came out gorgeous. Thanks for all the shout outs!

  2. so lovely! you look like a princess :)


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